Grow Your Own Indoor Plant! - May 31, 2024

Dear gardening friends

Have you got The Money Plant????
This plant is special. You might think you've already got it, but this variety has dark pink flowers. It's so much nicer.

The Money Plant is sometimes called Feng Shui Plant. I found this growing outside an old house in Camden. It was growing outside the front door. It's suppose to stop the wealth from escaping so you really need one at the back door too.

Yes I know it sounds like I'm trying to sell you two plants instead of one. But I could just be trying to make you richer.

Crassula ovata is one of my favourite plants. It has glossy green leaves all year round and it grows beautifully in a pot. It grows in your garden too in sun or shade. It's indestructible.

This darker pink flowering variety has a beautiful red margin around the green leaves in the cooler months. This makes it look more attractive too.

In Asia this plant is often given away as a wedding gift. It's suppose to bring you good luck, wealth and happiness.

We have beautiful plants here in the nursery. The largest ones are covered in buds and flowers now. They look spectacular.

We have a beauty growing in a pot at our front entry. We are trying to stop the wealth from escaping too.

We have plants from $9.99, $29.99 and $74.99.
They look great and they are ready to make us all richer and wiser.

Brian Samuels has just dropped in with several bags of Queensland Black Bean seed pods. These seeds are so easy to grow and they make beautiful indoor plants. Simply sit the large brown seeds on top of Tim's Best Potting mix. They should sprout within the month.

They can be grown as a tree in your garden too.
Brian has a beauty in his secret native garden in St Andrew's. The orange and yellow bird like flowers, are spectacular!!!!!!

Brian planted his because he loves birds and this tree attracts them. The flowers are full of nectar.

Someone is going to say this tree is poisonous.
If you ate enough of these beans you would get sick. Aborigines knew how to treat the seeds, then they would grind them up to make a type of flour.

I've got a vintage Don Rex Lounge suite made from this timber and it's absolutely spectacular.

We are giving the pods away for free. Your children might like to grow the seeds. The empty pods make great toy canoes.

A big thanks to Brian for thinking about us.
Come for a walk around our nursery.
It will make you feel good.

I suddenly realised that I didn't have any lunch. I was in Queen Street having coffee, so I walked down to Queenie Bakery. This family business opens early and they always greet you with a smile.

I got the Bahn Mi, that's a pork roll!!!!
It cost $7.00.

I got talking to the girls they remember me writing a story about them once before, it was a long time ago.

A lot of Pork rolls have been eaten since then.
I met the father this morning, he gets up early to bake the crunchy bread rolls. He makes pies and cakes too. It's a step back in time.

These guys keep everyone alive with cheap food which is healthier than the fast food giants down the street.

They always greet you with a smile. You feel like their family. They wanted to know where I'd been?

I got every option this morning except butter, I discovered long ago that butters not needed, they give you the Patti and mayo concoction. It's well lubricated.

I'm not sure if it will last till lunchtime.
I'm already dreaming about that first crunch.

If this Bakery was in Marrickville there'd be a line up down the street. It's Campbelltown. Have you seen the new green carpet? Queen Street looks like Putt Putt. Bring your Putter.

Here is the perfect tree for a small suburban garden. It's a Crepe Myrtle "Natchez". This white flowering upright growing deciduous tree is the perfect size.
Here it is growing in Glen Alpine.

The leaves colour up in autumn, then fall to let the winter sun shine in. This is so important because the sun warms your cold house and this saves you money.

I love how the morning sun makes the leaves glow. The beautiful smooth white trunk gets exposed in winter. Crepe Myrtles are just the toughest trees.

In summer this tree gets covered in white flowers for over 100 days. If we get summer rain, it often flowers again through autumn.

If you own a new house in one of Macarthur's new estates, here's a great tree for you. It will give you privacy through the warmer months.

Now is the best time to plant deciduous trees. They get established through winter, then sprout new growth in spring. By summer they are established and they should survive on rain water. Mulch around the base to stop the grass stealing all the water.

Trees make your house more valuable. The most expensive suburbs are the ones with the most trees. Isn't that interesting?

Happy gardening