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    Tim's Garden Centre is a local business which runs in the heart of Campbelltown. Tim’s Garden Centre has 5 qualified horticulturists and most have over 20 years experience in the nursery industry. They know how to fix sick plants and they will give you advice on the safest products to use so you don’t poison your family. Tim’s staff are (CNP’s) Certified Nursery Professionals so the staff are kept up to date with the safest products that control pests but are earth friendly.

Tims Recent Articles

  • Hydrangeas are coming!!! - Oct 1, 2021

    It's Big, it's Greek! Dear gardening friendsSpring has finally arrived, and it's great to see rain falling. Macarthur is going to look so green and beautiful, next week, when the sun comes out. In the mean time, get planting, and take advantage of these spectacular growing conditions. Everything's growing.It's time to plant. We posted this beautiful blue...

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  • We are open to the public tomorrow!!!!! - Sep 26, 2021

    We are open to the public tomorrow!!!!! Some great news!!!!!! We are reopening to the public tomorrow. You can come and see our plants. You can touch them, and smell them, and you can talk to us. We know you've been missing your plant therapy, we know how traumatised you are. We've been traumatised too. We know that plants and gardens, make us feel better. A...

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  • It’s time to plant tomatoes! - Sep 17, 2021

    Tim's Fruit Fly Resistant Tomato. Dear gardening friends.Its been a funny start to spring with night time temperatures, still surprisingly cold. We are lucky, because our seedling supplier, grows our plants out in the open, so they acclimatise to the cold nights. You will notice, that our seedlings are much sturdier than chain store seedlings.There's are...

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  • We are running here! - Sep 11, 2021

    How to grow Lavenders??? Dear gardening friendsWe have survived another week.We are getting better at Call and Collect.It's still hell, but we have acclimatised to hell. Nobody would wish this on their staff, or customers, on the first month of spring.We are running, it's crazy. Our Tim's Cow manure is always popular at this time of year, with all th...

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  • What’s the best tasting Tomato? - Sep 3, 2021

    Spring is the best time to garden Dear gardening friends We have survived the first week of Call and Collect. I can't lie, it's hell. We are running here, to keep up with phone calls, and orders. Most times you can pick up the same day. We have deliveries now too. But the system gets thrown out the window, when customers come to the nursery, and try and orde...

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Tim's Garden Centre ever-popular pig uses his milkcrate at the front of Tim's Garden Center to have his say on current events.

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