Christmas trees coming this weekend!!!! - Dec 04, 2020

They make your house smell like Christmas.

Dear gardening friends
Our Famous Fresh Cut Christmas Trees are arriving this weekend.

They are grown in the Southern Highlands, where the climate is perfect.

Each tree has been hand pruned for 3 years until they are the perfect Christmas tree shape.

Come early for the best trees.
We open at 8.30am.

Trees will be available on Saturday and Sunday.
Trees cost $75.00.
We have Christmas tree stands too.

Bring an old sheet or blanket, so we can roll up your tree, to keep your car clean.

A fresh cut Christmas tree will make your house smell like Christmas.

If you had one as a child, this will bring back great memories for you.

Our Potted Christmas Trees have arrived. They look so beautiful this year.
They are good value too.
Prices start at $46.99 to $71.99.
We even have Blue Spruces.

They can be grown in pots for years.
They will grow about 2.5ms in 10 years.
They will be slower growing in a pot.

After you've used it as your Christmas tree, put it out in the shade for a couple of weeks, then slowly move it back into the sun.

If you just put it back in full sun, the leaves will get sunburnt, turn brown, and drop off.

Repot your tree into a bigger pot after Christmas. Use our Tims Best Potting Mix for best results. Keep it moist at all times.
They grow best in the sun.

Our NSW Christmas Bush are selling like hot cakes. I'm not sure we will have any left by Christmas time. Don't leave your purchase till the last minute or you will miss out.

NSW Christmas Bush are notoriously hard to grow in the ground. We have no trouble at all growing them here in the nursery in pots using Native Potting Mix.

This might be a great way for you to grow one too. Or mix a bag of Native Potting Mix into the ground before planting.

We've got the best variety that has really red bracts. They make such beautiful Aussie Christmas Gifts, and they are good value, compared to cut flowers, so zoom zoom.

I've got a tree growing in my garden that was uneffected by last weeks heat.
Even the new growth is still looking fresh, and new.

The tree is called Brachychiton "Jerilderie Red." This tree was first discovered growing in the residence garden, at Jerilderie Primary School.

History shows, it was planted by a student named Maggie MacDonald, in 1880.
She probably found the seedling, growing in her parents garden.

In 1958 an amateur horticulturist called Walter Pyle, noticed that the tree's bright red flowers were unique.

It turns out Maggie's tree, was a chance cross between an Illawarra Flame Tree, and a Kurrajong Tree. These are two of the hardiest, drought tolerant trees on the planet and they are Australian natives.

In 1983 the tree was officially recognised, as a new cultivar, called Brachychiton "Jerilderie Red"

The tree in the schools grounds, is 140 years old now.
It's 10 metres high, and 6 metres wide.

It looks absolutely spectacular, when it's in full bloom leading up to Christmas.

We've grafted these plants ourselves.
They are amazing drought and cold tolerant evergreen trees.

My one at home is 5 metres high and 3 metres wide in 5 years.
I love it.
Grafted trees cost $75.00.
They are fast growing.
Check out the beautiful flowers, in the photo above.

I'm quite embarrassed to say, I paid $10 for one roll of toilet paper, during the pandemic.

But my mate Khaled has an even better story.

He bought bamboo toilet paper during the pandemic. As you know, at that point, it was every man for himself.

A guy came up to him hush, hush and said he had this new toilet paper, that was made from bamboo.
It was so soft he said "your bum will love it".

Khaled bought everything he had.
It was almost a truck load.
He started giving it away to family and friends.
He was like Jesus.

But then one of his friends enquired whether anyone else was finding it hard to flush?

"It seems to want to float, more than sink.
It blocked the toilet."
They had the get the plumber out.
The next door neighbour had to get the plumber out too.

The toilet paper left a trail, that could only be fixed with an electric eel!!!!

Khaled's on septic, and he had to get Kenny the Poo man, to come out with his big truck.
Kenny stuck his suction pipe down Khaled's septic tank, only to announce "this stuffs like concrete".

He came up with a masterful plan.
He'd blast his way through it, by turning the twitch the other way, and use poo, to blast poo!!!!

He got Khaled to hit the switch, while he directed the hose.

Khaled hit the switch, and then almost immediately Kenny yelled "quick reverse the switch".

The seal on the pipe exploded and poor Khaled got sprayed with someone else's poo.

He wasn't happy.
Kenny was so embarrassed, he said that it had only happened a couple of times before.

He'd clean up the mess, by hosing it all down, he'd even leave the hose behind.
Khaled was happy.
He went to work.

He told everyone to stop using the toilet paper. It had cost him $600 plus already.
It had been a plumbers dream, a home owners nightmare.

When he came home from work he found his kids in the swimming pool.
Life was back to normal in the suburbs.
His kids had made home made snorkels out of a hose.
They were skin diving in the pool.
One of the kids complained the hose tasted funny?

Khaled then realised where the hose had come from.

That bamboo toilet paper had one more sting.

I hope you like my stories.
My son Dan read it, and said it sounded like a kid in year 2 wrote it.
He's so adorable.

Come see us on the weekend.
We have the easiest Christmas Shopping experience in Macarthur.
Easy parking.
Free gift wrapping.
Happy gardening