We are open all long weekend! - Oct 02, 2020

It's time to plant herbs!

Dear gardening friends
Yes it's time to plant Basil.
I know gardeners often struggle to grow herbs. That's because they try and grow them in these tiny pots.
Or they put them on the window sill inside.
Or they plant them in a skinny plastic trough.
Or they use Woolies potting mix.

It's not that hard guys.
Buy one big pot, that holds at least one bag, of Tim's Best Potting Mix.
Choose 5 of your favourite herbs.
Don't get Mint or Rosemary.
They have to be grown in a big pot, all on there own.

Put your pot in a sunny spot.
Plant your herbs.
Water daily.
Eat them.
This keeps them bushy.

Hide them in your cooking.
Your kids will never know, that you've included secret, fresh ingredients, that help keep healthy and happy.

We have amazing herb plants.
Common varieties and rare varieties too.
Tim's Best Potting Mix still just $10.00 a bag. But hurry, we are getting warn out, carrying it.

Hayden is always looking for new and exciting plants. He can't just grow the same tomatoes, that everyone else grows.

He planted an heirloom variety from Florence, in Italy, called Tomato Costoluto Fiorentino. It's a tomato, that only it's mother could love.

It's a collector tomato grown for taste.
I seriously think it looks amazing too.
He's grown 80 plants from seed.
Not everyone will get one.
We are selling this long weekend for $4.99.

If you love growing things that are different, this Tomato will make you happy.
Pick the fruit when they just start to turn yellow/green, and ripen inside.

If you've ever been to Italy, you will know they grow tomatoes for taste.
These Tomatoes are art too!

One of the richest men in Australia came into the nursery yesterday.
I looked up and saw this distinguished looking, older man heading towards me.
He was beautifully dressed in a fine woollen jumper, slacks, and nice shoes.

I recognised him straight away.
Hello I said, what are you looking for?
"I'm after Roses and a Eureka Lemon tree" he replied.
What colour Roses.
"Any colour except Red"

I showed him some Hybrid tea Roses because he told me he likes roses with long stems.

We have beautiful potted rose bushes at the moment, so it wasn't hard to find a selection of colours.

He chose almost every Rose I showed him, but then he decided that we had too many pinks, so I found him a nice yellow rose called Kings Ransom.

Then we moved to the Citrus bed because he'd told me that he was after a Lemon Tree.

Do you want dwarf?
"No, I've got plenty of room, so I want it to grow big".
We have beautiful Eureka Lemon trees at the moment, so he chose the first tree I showed him.

I realised then that successful people make up their minds quickly.
They can make decisions.
I like this.

I asked him if he lived in a big old mansion?
"No" he replied.
"I live in a modern house that's back from the road, so you can't see it. It's surrounded by trees, I don't want people seeing what I've got.
I want total privacy.
I don't want people thinking I'm rich"

I thought that was very interesting.
I know a lot of people who build big houses, and then they don't plant any trees, they want everyone to see their big house.
They want people to see that they've been successful.

He told me that he gives a lot of money away to charities and that he gives it away so nobody knows who it came from.

I told him that he was very lucky because we are taking $5.00 off the marked price on all our Rose Bushes this week.

He smiled and said "well that will be lovely."
Yvonne served him.
She didn't know who he was.
She had a joke.

I wheeled his trolley out to his car and helped him load it.
It wasn't a fancy car.
He didn't make me go and get a sheet of plastic.

He put the Lemon tree behind his seat.
I shook his hand. He had workers hands.
And I said goodbye.

If you want your indoor plants to grow enormous green leaves then fertilise them now with our Tim's FAST FOOD.
This fast and slow release fertiliser from Germany makes your plants grow super fast. It's suitable for all your indoor plants and orchids.

It's great for your potted plants outside too.
Use it on your flower and vegetable garden.
Simply sprinkle it around your plants, then water in.

Every time you water, more fertiliser will be released, to make your plants go crazy.
It contains the the trace elements that plants need for growth and flowers.
It's safe for all plants except Native plants.
It costs just $16.99
It's exclusive to Tim's Garden Centre.

Hydrangeas have arrived.
We have all your favourite colours.
Pink, Blue, Red and White.
We also have an exciting new release called Hydrangea "Miss Saori".

This new release won the 'Plant of the year' at the 2014 Chelsea Flower Show.
This beautiful shrub has burgundy coloured foliage in spring and the most amazing double pink flowers with a dark pink margin.

Hydrangeas grow best in your garden, where they get morning sun, and afternoon shade. They love compost improved garden soil and lots of water.

They flower from November till mid December. They look amazing.
They make gorgeous floral gifts and they are so cheap.

Beautiful bushy plants, covered in buds, are just $29.99. They will sell out before we get to see the flowers so zoom zoom.
Or miss out.

They can be grown in big, big pots using Tim's Best Potting Mix.
Remember they only like morning sun and lots of water during summer.

We are open all long weekend.
Yes we are going to be very busy.
Come early to miss the crowds.
Plenty of parking next door too.

Happy gardening