Win Elly The Elephant? - Jul 10, 2020

African Violets have arrived!

Dear gardening friends

Do you remember that old truck tyre that I found dumped on the side of the road?
We gave Achille the challenge, to turn rubbish into art.

He answered the challenge. He turned that tyre into Elly The Elephant.

It's so amazing, we've decided to raffle it, to raise money for the African AIDS Foundation Camden.
Tickets are just $2.00 or 3 for $5.00.

It took Achille over 20 hours to transform this tyre. "Never again" he commented. "Truck tyres are full of wire. It's a one off."

We love your work Achille.
This would look amazing in your garden.
Come see.

We've finally found African Violets.
These indoor loving plants, flower best on a window sill, that gets morning sun only.

Easily grown from a leaf cutting, you can turn one, into a hundred over time.

We often get asked for indoor plants that flower?
Here is your answer.

We have many beautiful colours, but at just $14.99 they'll go zoom zoom.

Team your African Violet with a Bermagui Mud Works, self watering, ceramic pot.
It will be love at first sight, for you, and your Violet.

African Violets like being watered from below, so that's why they grow so well in these clever pots.

It's also nice to know, that these pots, are handmade in Australia, by our friend Mike, in Bermagui.
He's part of our family.

Hayden had a creative moment on Saturday. He walked around the nursery picking flowers, seeds and foliage.

He found an old Olive Jar, and arranged this spectacular native floral display.

While I was sitting here having coffee, the sun caught the Orange Wow Grevillea and it made me smile. Nature is so beautiful.

Haydens famous for his potted succulent gardens. He's famous for his floral arrangement now too.

If you need help choosing plants that will look great together in your garden, ask Hayden for help. He has a garden designers eye for colour, flowers and foliage.
It's something you are born with.
Hayden is so clever.

I was telling Jordan how much I loved his Freddie Mercury moustache yesterday.
When suddenly Manny Mistal turned up with exactly the same stash.

It was a photo opportunity not to be missed.

I got talking to Manny.
His real name is Manuel.
He told me his name was half Philippine half Spanish.

He was a friendly character.
He told me he worked at Artline Kitchens for 25 years as a Cabinet maker.
"They were nice people to work for"
he commented.
He hurt his shoulder and the insurance company said to him
"why don't you retire?"
He was 70 then, so he did.

His wife retired recently, to help look after their daughters baby.
He has two daughters,
Kristal Mistal, and Katrina.
"It's alright" he laughed, "we call her Kris."

Manny's wife worked in a nursing home all her working life.

I asked Manny if he loved gardening?
"Oh yeah,
Look at my front yard,
Look at my backyard too.

I've got Avocados, Mangoes, Guavas, Cumquats and Bananas."
What's your favourite?
"My Mango tree," he said excitedly.
"The fruit are so big, like soccer balls".

Do they get fruit fly?

He shows me photos of his garden and patio. I can see hundreds of pot plants, all beautifully arranged.

Creative people are drawn to gardening. It gives them an outlet to express their creativity.

Manny is smiling now.
He wants to get a photo of me and him together. It's a selfie moment!

"You should see my Orchids" he lets fly. "They are beautiful."

"I've been retired for 3 years" he tells me,
"I like to keep busy. I look after both my daughters gardens."
Does your wife garden?
"She loves picking the fruit".

Are you going to put me on Facebook?
He asks.
Yes I say.
"I don't want to be famous"
You won't be mate.

Gardeners are beautiful people.
I've made a friend.

Happy gardening