Gardening makes you live longer! - May 27, 2022

Jacaranda trees come back to life.

Dear gardening friends

Elsie turned 100 this week. I wrote this story on Facebook when she was 98. It's a great lesson about life. I hope you enjoy it.

Elsie Evans came in last week all worried about her Orange tree.
"It's covered in fruit and flowers but the trunk looks terrible. All the bark has pealed off, and borers have got in."

When fruit trees have a bumper crop, and flowers at the same time, it's often the last hurrah. I told her.

The tree tries to keep the species going, by producing seeds.

Elsie has been getting beautiful fruit off this tree for 50 years. She's 98 herself, and it made me smile to think she was going to plant a replacement tree.

She's a tough old rooster.
Her daughter rang me today, and bought another tree over the phone. I delivered it to Elsie for free. She's been coming to Tim's for 35 years she told me.

She often seeks me out.
She's a very good gardener.

When I arrived at her retro looking, green house, I noticed that all her plants were in pots, that we've sold over the last 35 years.
It was a step back in time for me.
I remember those pots.

All her plants were growing beautifully.
She had her lawn mower man there to help. He almost looked as old as her. Warren has been mowing Elsie's lawn for 30 years.

He was going to pull out Elsies old tree on Thursday. But while I was there, Warren came up with a great idea, to plant the new Citrus tree in another spot, and let the old tree run it's course.

It could last 12 months, it might outlive us all. Trees have an amazing capacity to survive.

We chose the best spot in her Buffalo lawn, where the tree would get plenty of sun.
Warren is going to dig the grass out, in a circle, at least 1.2 metres wide.

He's going to dig IGC Planting Compost into the existing soil to make a mound. Then he will plant the tree. I told him not to fertilise the tree with Citrus food.
"That's how you kill them."

Elsie was so happy with the solution.
Her grandson loves eating the oranges, and so does Warren, he shyly admitted.

Elsie is amazing, gardening keeps you active. It makes you live longer.
Happy birthday Elsie!!!!

One of the most flamboyant roses we sell is this beauty called "Harry Wheatcroft".
It was released to celebrate the life of a famous rose grower called Harry Wheatcroft. He and his sons owned a rose nursery in England called Wheatcrofts.

Harry was a larger than life character that drew attention where ever he went.
He was an eccentric dresser.

He would step out of his maroon Rolls Royce clad in a floral shirt and royal blue trousers.

Or perhaps he'd be wearing a suit of dog tooth tweed, trimmed with tangerine velvet, from which his horn rimmed glasses swung wildly from string.

I think our nursery industry needs a character like this. Who have we got?

Harry's Rose has highly perfumed long stemmed roses that are perfect for picking.
Plants cost $39.99.

Harry introduced The Peace Rose after the war. We have Peace here too.
Peace brother!

During the drought, yes can you remember that? Well at least six Jacaranda trees died in Blaxland Rd Campbelltown.

When I say they died, they lost all their leaves, and they didn't sprout in spring, or summer or autumn. I was thinking when is Campbelltown Council going to take them out????

But one by one, when the rain came, the trees came back to life. A green sprout here, and a green sprout there, turned into new shoots, then branches.

I'm really starting to believe things can come back from the dead. If I die tomorrow. Don't let them bury me for a least a year thanks.

P.S I went back and pruned the dead wood out of this tree. It was just going to look terrible, if the dead branches were left, with the new growth growing through it.
Check it out as you drive up Blaxland Rd.

We've had a lot of interest in these new Kangaroo Paws called Bush Gem Celebrations.

They were bred by the team from Kings Park Botanic Garden in Western Australia.

The one in the photo is called "FIREWORKS" it has blue tones.

They like to be grown in sunny gardens with great drainage. They grow more successfully in large pots using Native Potting Mix.

We have a huge range of Kangaroo Paws in stock today. All the plants are covered in flowers and prices range from $16.99 to $18.99. They make inexpensive floral gifts,
and they could be kept inside for a week, in bright light.

The weather is beautiful here today.
It's so nice being outside in the nursery.
Have you forgotten how nice it is to be outside in the sunshine????
Get outside and do some jobs.
It will make you feel better.
Happy gardening