Last chance to get a Christmas Tree. - Dec 10, 2021

It flowers all summer long!

Dear gardening friends
Not many things are made in Australia anymore, but I got excited this week when Mike from Bermagui Mudworks turned up.
Mike hand makes all his ceramic pots on the potters wheel at his boutique business down the South Coast.

We keep his entire collection of indoor pots here at Tims Garden Centre, and they sell like hot cakes. People are surprised to discover, that his hand made pots are just as cheap as imported pots. But it's much more special to give someone a gift, that's been hand made.

Mikes makes a range of self watering pots like this one in the photo. You simply water your plant by filling up the saucer. The plants absorb the water thru the soil. This is a much better system for watering sensitive plants like African Violets and Phalaenopsis orchids.

The pots come in a range of sizes, and the colours, are really beautiful. We love these pots. So will you.

This week he's delivered amazing face pots too. Hayden has fallen in love with these arty pots. Come see.

We have this beautiful native tree called "Jerilderie Red". It's a Brachychiton, that's a chance cross between an Illawarra Flame tree, and a Kurrajong Tree.

The result is an evergreen drought hardy tree that has these red Christmas bell like flowers, from late November to January.

It's super fast growing.
It's grafted, so it often flowers in the first 12 months.

We are grafting the trees here in our nursery. We have 12 trees available now.
Trees cost $75.00.

They will survive in hot or cold environments. Once established they don't have to be watered.

A mature tree will grow 8 metres high by 4 metres wide. The foliage is glossy and green, so it's the perfect backdrop for the red flowers.

This is one of my favourite trees. I've got several growing in my garden.
It's a winner.

Crepe Myrtles are bursting into bloom around Macarthur. These beautiful small trees are perfectly suited for today's courtyard sized gardens.

They have beautiful smooth white bark and the crepe like flowers, can last for 3 months or more. We have all your favourite varieties including the powdery mildew resistant, Indian Summer Range.

We also have dark black foliage varieties called "Diamonds In The Dark".
These have become so popular because the dark burgundy black foliage just looks spectacular, and the trees only grow 3 metres high by 3 metres wide.
They come in a huge range of colours too.

Last year we were blown away by the success of a new dwarf growing variety of Crepe Myrtle called "Enduring Summer".
This red flowering shrub only grows 1.5ms high. It's the perfect size for suburban gardens. It can even be grown in a pot.
It has red green foliage and bright red flowers, for 3 months or more.
We have 50 plants only.
They will sell out fast.

$50.00 Christmas Gift Cards for $40.00 are on sale now. These make great Christmas Gifts and you'll save yourself $10.00.
Buy some for yourself too.
You can come in after Christmas and buy the things you love, knowing you're getting a bargain. Tims Gift Cards are not redeemable until after Christmas.

I've got Tylor modelling one of our Fresh Cut Christmas Trees this morning. He's just helped unload 50 beautiful trees, from our grower in The Southern Highlands.

We expect most of these to be sold today. Trees cost $79.99. We have Christmas Tree stands too.

Tylor is so enthusiastic.
He's always got a smiling face.
He was telling me yesterday that he only sleeps 2-3 hours every night.
He never complains about lack of sleep.

When he mows our lawn he runs. I can't imagine how much energy he'd have if he did get 8 hours. He might be dangerous.

He chats up everyone.
He came here for work experience and became part of our furniture.

He brings his own lunch every day, he makes it himself. It's always healthy. Salads and homemade stuff. He eats it in about 10 minutes, then it's back to work.

Sometimes he goes home early.
You can you tell when he's run out of energy. His battery goes flat.
He's a character.

We have more trees coming this weekend.
100 on Saturday. More on Sunday.
Come at 8.30am for the best trees.
Bring an old sheet, so we can help you wrap it up. This keeps your car clean.
We have Christmas Tree stands too.

We have the easiest Christmas Gift Shopping. You can park for free, right outside our shop. Buy a plant and a small ceramic pot and we will repot it for you using Tim's Best Potting Mix.
Yes it's baaaaaaack!!!!
$12.00 a bag.
Your plants love it.

Happy gardening