Home grown, sweet Mandarins - Jul 02, 2021

I was like a Ninja Warrior

Dear gardening friends

My home grown Broccoli is looking spectacular. This is the same plant that was getting eaten by Caterpillars. I fixed that problem, by dusting them once a month, with Yates Tomato and Vegetable dust.

I will pick this head of Broccoli tonight, fresh from the garden. It's going to be so crunchy and fresh. I will lightly cook it in some Oyster sauce.

Some gardeners remove the plants after the head as been cut. I don't. This plant will send out side shoots and I will be picking smaller Broccolini style heads, right through winter and early spring. These smaller heads are even sweeter.

You may not know it, but Broccoli, is the flower buds. If you don't pick it, they burst into yellow blooms.

You still have time to plant winter vegetables, so if your sitting at home bored, get gardening.

Dig over your vegetable patch, then add Tim's Cow Manure. One bag covers 3m2.
Dig this into your soil.

Cover the soil with Sugarcane.
Plant your seedlings through the mulch.

Vegetables you can plant today include Peas, Cabbage, Cauliflower, Broccoli, Silverbeet, Celery, Leeks, Onions, Spinach, lettuce, etc etc. Carrots can be planted by seed.

Don't forget the snail bait.
Multiguard Snail Pellets are safe for pets, birds and Lizards.
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Yes we are open.
Bring your mask.

We've dropped the price of Tim's Best Potting Mix to just $10.00 a bag. We want you to have success growing flowers and vegetables during lockdown.

We want your indoor plants to thrive.
If you want to grow fruit trees and Blueberries in pots, this is the best mix.

It's just $10.00 a bag till the end of July.
Your plants are excited.
This is the best potting mix in Australia.

My Mandarin tree is covered in sweet fruit.
It's an Emperor Mandarin.
It gets hundreds of easy to peel, puffy skinned, Mandarins every winter.

Ive shaped it into a flat topped tree so I can reach the sweet fruit.
It's not a dwarf.

This was planted before Dwarf Fruit trees were invented.

One winter night, I heard our back door opening. It was in the middle of the night.
I got out of bed and snuck down the hall way. I was like a Ninja warrior.

The back door was open.
I searched the house before going out the back door, to search the yard.

In the moon light I could see a small boy peeling a Mandarin.
"What are you doing Bailey?"
My son was 3 or 4.
"I felt like a Mandarin".

Mate, it's in the middle of the night.
Kids are suppose to be frightened of the dark, when I was your age, a Crocodile lived under my bed.

He smiled and kept eating his Mandarin.

It's time to plant fruit trees.
We have the biggest selection in winter.

Plant them on a mound of Planting Compost Improved soil, for best results.
Don't fertilise when planting.
It burns the roots, and often kills your plant.
Come talk to our horticulturists.

I was hoping you could see the steam rising from the hot chips and gravy.

I announced to Jordan that I was dreaming about hot chips and gravy at the nursery.
"We won't judge you Tim" was his reply.

I'm going to walk up to Kings Charcoal Chicken Shop, I've told him. I've already had lunch at 11am. But it's so cold, it's making me hungry.

I start pushing an empty Woolies trolley that I've found abandoned in our car park.

I've watched other people pushing Woolies trolleys up and down Queen Street. Some people have looked like they are moving house.

I get about 50 metres before I abandon the trolley. It's drawing to much attention.

It's not until you walk up Queen Street, that you see the neglect. Lawns unmown out the front of shops, rubbish almost everywhere.
The colour grey.

I walk past the last house still standing on Queen Street. It still looks loved. There's Geraniums flowering on both sides of the path. How much longer before this turns grey too?

It's not until you hit Campbelltown City Council before greenery appears. The trees and park like appearance, brings me relief.
It's an oasis.

I put my mask on to go into Kings.
Litsa chats me up. I chat her up too.
I tell her I'm feeling sad about Queen Street. "More trees would help" she tells me.

She gives me $20.00 out of the till.
"Bring us four of those red scarfs" for your charity.

People are beautiful.
It's the environment that needs more love.
I'm going to pick all the papers on the way home.
It's a start.

Come and see us.
We are not busy, you'll be safe.
Bring your mask, check in.
Happy gardening