It’s time to plant Garlic! - Apr 23, 2021

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Dear gardening friends

Kieran turned 19 this week.
He's lost 9kgs since he started working for us in November.

He was potting up a customers indoor plant on the weekend and as he passed it over, he apologised for the wait.
"That's alright mate you'll lose it".
The customer replied.
Kieran was a bit shocked by that, but he laughed it off. He had another story to tell.

He's always telling us stories, something's always happening to Kieran.
Sometimes he starts a story half way through, it's like did I miss something?
He's in a hurry to get to the punchline. Sometimes there's no punchline.
But he keeps us all guessing.

We have all fallen in love with Kieran.
We got him a tiny cake for his birthday.
Kieran has turned vegan.
That could account for the weight loss.
He lived on Maccas before.
He had lots of stories from Maccas, he did the late shift at the Campbelltown store.

Now he's collecting stories here with us.
I love this photo with the staff.
It was a make it work moment.
Keiran has chosen to be the coolest cat.
We just sang Happy Birthday to him out loud, like you're at a 21st birthday party, with 100 people, but there's just 6 of us.

We've got 3 Vegans working here now. Their cakes cost 500% more than a fat persons cake.
I didn't get a piece.
It was diet day.
No one got fat eating this cake.

We miss Kieran when he's not here.
He's larger than life.
He's life.
Have you met him yet?

Garlic is so easy to grow, you won't believe it. Simply buy an organically grown, Australian Garlic Clove from us now.

Prepare your garden bed by digging in Tim's Cow Manure, and FAST FOOD Fertiliser. Cover this with fresh Sugar cane mulch and water well.

Split the clove up into seperate scales using your fingers. You will get up to 12 scales from the one clove.

Plant these just below the ground, thru the mulch, about 15cms apart.
I like to zig zag plant mine.

It can be grown in big pots using Tim's Best Potting Mix.

The Garlic seedlings will pop up within 14 days and they are ready to harvest when the leaves start to turn yellow green in October/November.

Dig them out, wash the soil off the roots and hang them up to dry in your garage.

They are ready to eat immediately, and they will last for at least 12 months in a cool dark place.

This Garlic will be the sweetest, juiciest Garlic you have ever eaten. They will be calling you Garlic Breath at work.
How good is that?
Come see us.
Garlic Breath.
Cloves cost $2.75.
They are on the counter.

I was just doing a delivery in Macarthur Garden's Retirement Village and I noticed these beautiful Hibiscus in full bloom.

I wandered over to take a photo, and it was like disturbing an ants nest.

Bob and Lea came spilling out of their house. They are customers of ours.
It's a small world.

I told them how much I loved their garden.
"We've only been here for 3 years" they both talked together. "

We moved from Ruse, you should see Bob's Elk horns out the back". Said Lea.

I was led through the house, it was beautifully decorated. They had an outdoor room that looked like a Resort. Furniture beautifully arranged, and then we walked out to a tropical courtyard.

There was at least 3 Frangipanis.
It was amazing how they have turned this tiny area into a tropical sanctuary.

I asked Lea to sit on the lounge, "I've only ever sat on this lounge twice" she said. "Quick Bob you get in the photo too".
They are like peas in a pod.

Bob's Elk Horns came from their house in Ruse. They belonged to his mother.
They sold 20 on Gumtree, the rest came here. They are thriving on the wall, where they get morning sun.

Lots of plants are growing in pots. Lea said she took my advice and grouped her plants together, and they have grown much better.

Grouped plants shade each other from the hot sun. They help each other survive the heat of summer. It becomes like a forest.

They have dug in lots of Tims Cow Manure and Compost to improve the soil. They have mulch which breaks down to feed the soil.

The soil here is notoriously clay, heavy clay. You could make coffee mugs out of this stuff.

In 3 years they have turned terrible soil, into happy soil, where plants and worms would be happy to live.

The gardens looked fantastic.
Lea was keen to talk up her neighbour's garden ahead of hers. But I don't think she realises just how well they are doing.

Plants had been grouped together by foliage colour. She had beautiful succulent pots, in the hottest spots.

A vine had been trained to cover the brick wall. It was beautiful.
"We are not gardeners"
They told me continually.
But they really are gardeners.
I made my escape.

I could sense tea and scones weren't too far away. I'm famous in retirement villages.

Mothers Day isn't far away.
We've got the Mothers Day Special happening again. You can buy a $50.00 Tim's Gift Card for $40.00. We sell hundreds of these. It makes Mothers Day Shopping easy for you.
We don't mind if you buy a couple for yourself too. They are not redeemable until after Mother's Day.

We are open this Sunday from 10am to 4pm. We are an essential service, so we are encouraged to open on Anzac Day.

Autumn is the best time to garden.
We have been enjoying the cooler weather.
So are our plants.

Jordan repotted our hanging baskets with Violas this week. He used Tim's Best Potting Mix. It's amazing how a bit of colour around the entrance to our shop, just makes the place pop.
We love it.

You might have empty pots or hanging baskets, that could be filled with winter colour?

Happy gardening