It’s Pea time - Apr 16, 2021

I've just found tree heaven?

Dear gardening friends

Yes I've found tree lovers heaven, it's in Cairns. I've just walked along the esplanade. Beautiful lush green trees everywhere.

Yes it's hot here, so they have planted trees to shade the walkways.
It just makes sense doesn't it?

They've put the children's playgrounds in the shadiest spots.

There's walking and riding paths, so you won't need your car. It's so flat here, it's an easy walk.

I noticed a lot of retired people walking their dogs this morning, before it got too hot.

I've just congratulated a Cairns City Council gardening crew for the amazing job they do.

I'm sitting under a shady tree near Muddy's Cafe writing this. There's a cool breeze blowing through the leaves.

My man bag is full of seeds and cuttings. I really should bring my secatuers.

If I don't come back, it's because I've retired here.

You know that Fig tree that you've got growing in a pot, inside your house?
Don't plant it in your garden, when the leaves fall off, and you think it's going to die.
It probably won't die.

They are incredibly hardy trees outside in the sun. This is how they grow in the tropics. They have aerial roots that help support the huge branches.

They are amazing trees, and if you lived on acreage, then you could plant one in your garden.

There's an enormous one growing in Sydney's Botanic Gardens. This one's growing in Cairns.

It's surprisingly well behaved considering it's so close to this path. If they get enough water the roots don't have to travel far.

They are the dinosaurs of the tree world.
I love them.

We went snorkelling as a family too.
Saw a few sharks, turtles and huge fish.
The coral was amazing too.
No sighting of Nemo unfortunately, but I'm told he still lives there.

When I got home, yes I came home, I discovered that my vegetable garden is getting eaten by caterpillars.
Your garden will be getting eaten too.

When we get perfect growing conditions like we've had for 12 months then the insect population explodes too.

I've dusted my Broccoli with Yates Tomato & Vegetable Dust this morning. This contains a naturally occurring soil born bacteria that stops Caterpillars, Thrips and Aphids from eating vegetables.
It has a fungicide in it too which helps clear up spots and powdery mildew.
Reapply every 4 weeks for best results.
It doesn't matter if the dust gets washed off when you water. The friendly bacteria stays on the leaves.

You can use this product on other plants too. If you don't like the white powder you could use another product called Yates Success. This clear spray kills caterpillars and other insects too without killing you.
We have both products in the nursery today.

I just called into Mt Annan Botanic Gardens.
The car parks were full and the place of full of kids all looking for the Koala statues.
What a roaring success!!!!!!
The gardens are looking fabulous right now and well worth a visit but maybe after the school holidays????

I'm back at work Sunday.
We've been incredibly busy too.
Lots of people making gardening and getting the kids to help.

It's time to plant Peas in your garden.
These sweet tasting pods are loved by kids.
Grow Sugar Snap Peas and the kids will eat them raw. Dig Tims Cow Manure into your soil first. Plant seeds or seedlings.
Use stakes and string for support.
You'll be eating peas in about 6 weeks!!!!
Caterpillars don't seem to worry them.

Come and see us for the best plants.
Happy gardening