Are you a green thumb - Mar 26, 2021

A recipe for success!

Dear gardening friends
Wow. I can't remember the last time it rained like that. I had a river running through my garden for 4 days non stop.

Lots of mulch has been washed away, so I'll be busy replacing it this weekend.
Mulch stops the weeds from growing, and it makes your plants grow faster too.
I'm still surprised how often, gardeners tell me, that they don't have mulch on their gardens. It's crazy.

With so much rain falling, it will have washed away all the fertiliser from your lawns, gardens and pots. Fertilise your garden this weekend.
With so much moisture in the soil your plants are going to use the fertiliser straight away and the new growth with be phenomenal.

For lawns use our Tim's Rapid Results Lawn Food. This fast acting fertiliser with keep your grass lush and green for 3 months.
Mow your lawn first before applying.
Throw it on by hand or use a Scott's Fertilser spreader. One bag will treat 260m2. It only costs $24.99.
It's a bargain.

For your indoor plants, outdoor pots and gardens use our Tim's FAST FOOD.
This contains all the nutrients plants need for flowers, leaves and fruit.

It's a German fertiliser that's used by the nursery industry, now you can use it too.

The easy to apply shaker pack treats 28m2.
I use it on my Fiddle Leaf Fig and the leaves have grown to an enormous size.
It's just $16.99. Use it on your vegetable garden and around your Citrus and Roses too.

During Covid we dropped the price of our Tim's Best Potting Mix to just $10.00 a bag.
We had no idea just how much potting mix gets sold around Macarthur every week.
We went from selling 4 pallets a week to 20 pallets a week.

Customers who had never bought potting mix from us before suddenly started to have success growing herbs and vegetables, indoor plants, flowers and shrubs.

They realised that they weren't brown thumbs after all. They'd just been buying potting mix from the wrong place.

We've shown you this photo of Tims Best Potting Mix vs potting mixes sold at Woolworths. The same company who makes these potting mixes supplies hardware stores and chain stores around Australia.

You can see by the results just how amazing Tim's Best Potting Mix is. It's not an accident. Chain stores ask the supplier to make them cheap potting mixes.
We ask our supplier to make us the best potting mix. We don't want cheap.
We want the best.

Our supplier has put the price up recently so we have put the price up too.
It's $12.00 a bag now, but that's still great value for the best potting mix in Australia.
We've set it at this price because we still want to sell 20 pallets a week.

When you use our Tims Best Potting Mix you don't have to add any fertiliser.
It's got everything in it, that plants need for at least 3 months.

These lettuces in the photo, are growing in Tims Best Potting Mix. You can see how healthy and green they are. It's amazing.
It allows plants to reach their full potential.

After 3 months you can reignite our potting mix by adding Tim's FAST FOOD.
You don't have to replace the potting mix.
I'm growing a new batch of Cos Lettuce in this pot again, through autumn.

There's so many poor quality potting mixes in the market, and they get away with it, because gardeners bland themselves, when the plants don't grow.
It's not your fault.
It's the crappy potting mix.
It's made for a price, not made for growth.

Our potting up bench is just outside our lunchroom, so you can have a conversation while you pot.

Kieran has just been telling me he has lost 6kg since he started working for us, just before Christmas.

We love Keiran because he has brought joy to our business.
He entertains us with Kath and Kim impersonations. He knows the best bits off by heart.
"I'm not as stupid as I look"
"I've lost weight the old fashion way, with laxatives and smokes".

Keiran has lost weight from not eating Maccas and Red Rooster.
He does eat a lot of Two minute Noodles though.

We thought he was going to be a bit fancy for us, when we saw his coffee cup. It's gold, you can see it on the lunch table. He's got the saucer too.

Turns out he's just like us really with a touch of class.
He will entertain you.

He looks slow, but when his name gets called over the speaker system, he takes off like a greyhound.
He's amazing.

He's loving TAFE.
I said to him the other day, "you know Kieran, I think you're going to be a great horticulturist one day".

We love Keiran.
He looks a bit like a lion.
You'll love him too.

Kieran has lost weight gardening too.
So will you.
Come and see us if you need help.
Happy gardening