Gardenias are bursting into bloom!!!!!! - Oct 30, 2020

Hibiscus have arrived!!!!!

Dear gardening friends
Beautiful soaking rain, has made conditions, perfect for gardening this weekend.

Fertilise your lawn, so those bare patches disappear. Use Tim's Rapid Results Lawn Food, and see spectacular results, within 14 days.

It's a great time to plant trees and shrubs in your garden, while the soil is moist.
These perfect growing conditions, means that newly planted shrubs, will have a greater chance of survival, and they will grow super fast too.

We've found some beautiful flowering Hibiscus for your garden. We might not be able to travel to exotic, tropical, places any more, but we can plant Hibiscus in our gardens, and think we've gone on a holiday.
We have beautiful plants and a selection of colours for just $16.99.

Hibiscus grow best in sunny spots, and they love lots of water, during the warmer months. We've chosen smaller growing varieties, that are more suitable for today's courtyard sized gardens.

Grow them in sunny spots, up against brick walls where possible. The heated wall, will help them survive, our cold winters.

Make sure you improve your soil with Tim's Cow Manure or Planting Compost.
Hibiscus love compost improved rich soils.

Mulch your gardens with Sugarcane or Tims Termite Resistant Mulch, to keep the moisture in the soil, longer!!!!
We don't want to waste this beautiful rain, and mulch helps stop the weeds growing.

Gardenias are flowering in our nursery.
They will be flowering in your gardens too.
These handsome shrubs, have beautiful lush green foliage, and highly perfumed white flowers in profusion.

They grow best in gardens, or in big pots, that get morning sun, and then shade.
Afternoon sun burns the buds, and then the flowers, don't open, so choose your position carefully.

We've had a Gardenia Florida, growing in a big pot, here at the nursery, for 20 years plus. We used Tim's Best Potting Mix.
We fertilise it 3 times a year with Tim's FAST FOOD fertiliser.
This contains all the trace elements required, to keep the leaves, lush and green.

Gardenias love water.
If they are growing under your eves, then they often don't get the rain.
When the plants, don't get enough water, they become run down, and then insects like scale and mealy bug, attack them.

These sap sucking insects, feed an army of Ants, with a sticky substance, that keeps them coming back for more.
In return, the ants protect the scale insects from predators.
It's a symbiotic relationship.

Check your plants for ants.
Check your pants too!
Ants don't walk up trees and shrubs for exercise. They are looking for food!!!!
If you find ants, spray over and under your leaves with Pestoil.

This non toxic spray kills most insects, except caterpillars, beetles and bugs.
We sell it.
Zoom zoom.

We have the biggest range of Gardenias in Macarthur. Come see.
You'll find them in the shade house.
Check out our biggie.

Our Frangipani Collection arrived last week. We had almost 40 varieties, including the rare Red Flowering forms, like "Black Jack."

Frangipani collectors from all over NSW have come to our nursery, in search of their Holy Grail. Some collectors have over 100 in their gardens. They grow most of them in pots, because they have run out of room.

Our huge selection is disappearing fast.
Prices range from $19.99 to $39.99.
This was our selection.
Black Jack, Bali Whirl, Blood Sun, Cockatoo, Cherry Clusters, Darwin Blood, Darwin Candy O, Darwin Cream, Darwin Golden Beauty, Darwin Harney, Darwin Monsoon, Darwin Pink Beauty, Darwin Sunset, Darwin Yellow, Everlasting Love, George Brown, Goldilocks, Golden Swirl, Hawaiian Sunset, Heidi, Honey and Me, Kimo, Lemon Drop, Lulu, Lulus Blood, Lulus Pink Blush, Pundica Pink, Ocean Waves, Sally Moragne, Singapore Beauty, Sydney 2000, Tequila Sunrise, Thai Beauty, Thomlinson's Pink, Tricolour, Valentine Perfume Blush, Snow White.

We don't hold.
It's first in, best dressed.

They grow best in full sun.
Pots or gardens.
Use Tims Best Potting Mix.
We've potted up some of the best varieties using this amazing potting mix.
They have started to sprout fresh new growth already.

I've asked one of my customers "how's your day been?"
"Greaaaaat" was his reply.
This got my attention.

Why was his day, so great?
"Well I've just had the best Spring Rolls ever. Just enough crunch, and lovely fresh vegetables. I haven't been there for 10 years, and it was just as I remembered it".

Where did you go?
"The Vietnamese restaurant at the end of Queen Street, on the right hand side".

The one in the old historic building?
"Yes" he replied.

But are they really, that good?
It's a Spring Roll!
"Some businesses have been around for 20 years, and they just do something great, that people remember them for. There was a Fish and Chip shop in Wollongong, that did amazing Potato Scallops.
It's not there now.
It's gone."

He got me thinking about those Spring Rolls. It wasn't diet day.

What sauce do you have?
"The sweet Chili".

I waited till he left, and then I made a run for the work van.
I announced to the staff, that I was on a quest, to find the perfect Spring Roll.
They didn't seem that interested.
I drove down Queen Street like a man on a mission.
I almost ran a red light.
I parked and ran!!!!!

ANH'S Noodle House was empty.
It was 3pm.

A smiling guy took my order.
I waited impatiently.
They must make them fresh.

I'd began to hallucinate when they finally arrived.
I picked it up, and dipped it in the sauce.
I closed my eyes.
The taste was heavenly.
The pastry was web like, and so light.
The vegetables were crunchy.

The Restaurant's been there since 1994.
I can't believe it's taken me this long to find it.
It's the vegetable Spring Rolls.
They do Seafood too.
I could have licked up those crumbs, at the end.

I hope you're having a greaaaat day too.

Our potted Rose bush sale was so successful we sold out.
We've had to buy more Rose Bushes from a nursery in Victoria.

We have a surprising good selection of colours and varieties.
We've got Just Joey and Double Delight to name but a few.
Transport costs have effected the price but they are still good value.
You'll get 5% off with your Garden Club Card.

Our nursery is looking amazing.
We've got so much colour for you.
Come and see us.

Bring your used pots back, so we can reuse them. We have a pot recycling bin in the car park, near the Life Line Bin.
Happy gardening