African Violets are back!!!!! - Aug 06, 2020

Spring blossom trees, ready to bloom.

Dear gardening friends
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What a nightmare trying to remember all my passwords. I'm back!

African Violets are back in stock.
These fabulous indoor plants thrive on a window sill that gets morning sun.

If you find the right spot, they will flower non stop, for months, and last up to 15 years.

They like getting watered from below, because that's how they water them at the nursery where they are grown.

Simply fill the saucer and let them drink up the water. Tip out any excess water after an hour or so. We do have special handmade African Violet pots that do this for you.
Come check them out.

Last time we got African Violets we sold out in the first weekend. They have become collector plants for today's indoor plant hipsters.
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The Clivia Man delivered our spring supply of Clivias this week. These shade loving, lush green plants, thrive under trees.
They will also thrive in your gardens, that get morning sun, followed by afternoon shade.

They are perfect for growing in those shady gardens between houses. You know that narrow space, where nothing else grows?

We have the Belgium varieties that have the broad, lush green leaves, and the bright orange flowers. These are the most spectacular flowering varieties.

We also have the rarer Yellow flowering Clivias. Once upon a time these sold for $100 each. We've got them from $21.99.
The orange flowering varieties are cheaper.

Clivias can also be grown in big pots on those shady patios. They look spectacular with the lush green leaves and the huge spikes of orange or yellow flowers.
Use Tim's Best Potting Mix for the best results, it's still just $10.00 a bag.

Spring Blossom trees are starting to bloom.
The double pink Flowering Plum is the first variety to flower. You will see this everywhere around Macarthur.

Flowering Plums are often called Flowering Cherries, by novice gardeners.
The double pink blooms look like Cherry blossom so that's why people get confused.

They are actually Prunus blireana.
The double flowering Plum.
They don't get fruit you can eat.
It's all about the beautiful flowers and the gorgeous plum coloured foliage that follows. We have beautiful trees in the nursery. They are easy to grow.
They grow about 3-4 metres high.
We sell out fast.

I got disturbed yesterday.
A guy came in complaining about his neighbours trees reaching over his fence.
He'd heard that he could just cut off the branches, and throw them back over the fence.

He showed me a picture of the trees.
They were only hanging over the fence by one metre. They were upright growing trees that were perfectly suited for the position.
They gave him privacy from his neighbour.
He couldn't see the benefit.
He could only see the negatives.

I could tell this guy was distressed.
He wanted my support.
I'm a tree lover.
He didn't get it.

I told him if the trees really worried him he could prune them back to the fence.
I told him I don't think it's a good idea to throw the branches over the fence.
He might start a war.

He then complained about the Indians who lived across the road. I decided then, that he wasn't my cup of tea.
He was angry with the world.

The world needs more trees.
We have to accept that trees aren't perfect.
They hang over fences.
They drop leaves.

But they also shade our houses.
They give us privacy.
They attract birds into our gardens.
They help improve our mental health.

We need trees near houses because houses give off heat. Black roofs, concrete paths and driveways, all heat up in the sun causing The Heat Island Effect.

Temperatures are rising.
Tropical fruit trees now grow in Campbelltown.
They didn't 30 years ago.

It might be getting warmer, but it's still not warm enough, to plant spring vegetables.
Customers have been asking us for tomatoes all week. They want Cucumbers, capsicums, egg plants and chillies too.
Bunnings has them now.
Mr Bunnings isn't a gardener.

It's still freezing at night.
The plants won't grow until nighttime temperatures rise. It's that simple.

Prepare your gardens for planting now.
Dig our Tim's Cow Manure into your soil.
Add Tim's FAST FOOD.
Cover with Sugarcane.
Water well.
Be patient.
When your grass turns green, it's time to plant.

Good news.
We've found Persimmon trees.
We have the crunchy and soft fruiting varieties. They are beautiful trees that get spectacular autumn foliage and gorgeous bark. Plus amazing fruit.
We only have 25 trees.
$110.00 each.
No holds.
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There is going to be plant shortages this spring. Nurseries sold their spring stock, in autumn, during lockdown. Some plants will be unavailable. It's not our fault.

We are sourcing stock from all our friends from South Australia to Queensland.
Be patient.
Life has changed.

Happy gardening