Mother’s Day Gifts so easy! - May 01, 2020

New Indoor Plant for mum?

Dear gardening friends
We had some beautiful soaking rain last night, your plants will grow, even more this week. I can't remember seeing an Autumn like this. Make hay while the sun shines.

My Autumn trees are turning red. There has never been a better time to be out in your garden. Come and see our beautiful nursery. It's never looked better.

Tim's Best Potting Mix is still just $10.00 while stocks last. Our supplier is having trouble keeping up with us.

It's Mother's Day, on Sunday the 10th of May. It's only 2 weeks away!!!!!
We have started our $50.00 Tim's Gift Cards for just $40.00. These are amazing value, and we don't mind, if you buy one for yourself too. They are not redeemable until after Mother's Day. They are great value.

New pots have arrived this week that will make perfect Mother's Day Gifts. These Monstera Pots are my favourites.
This size only costs $10.99, we have a smaller size too, for $7.99.

We've teamed up this beautiful pot, with a fabulous new indoor plant called Philodendron "BIRKIN".

Philodendrons are some of the hardiest indoor plants on the planet.
I love the variegated leaves of this new beauty called "BIRKIN".

These plants are perfectly grown, and they cost just $19.99. Pot and plant is $30.98.
Your mum will love this pot and plant combination. It just goes.
We will gift wrap your potted plant for free.
We have easy parking right out the front.

We have other plant and pot combinations. You really need to see our amazing indoor plants and matching ceramic pots. Hayden has done a fantastic job finding these beautiful gifts for your mum.
It just makes shopping so easy.

If your mums more into shrubs for her garden, she will love this new Grevillea called "Scarlet Moon". This newbie was bred by Kings Park Botanic Gardens, in Western Australia.

Yes this fabulous, native plant, has come a long way. "Scarlet Moon" has these spectacular scarlet red flowers, every day of the year. The flowers look gorgeous against the grey foliage. This is one of my favourite Grevillea's of all time.

It grows just 1.6ms high by 1.6m wide.
It can be pruned to any size.
The foliage is silver grey and beautiful.
The flowers are bird and bee attracting.
It's a winner. It loves full sun.
We have plants available in 2 sizes.
$18.99 and $35.99.

If you'd prefer a traditional, flowering plant, for your mum, we do have Cyclamen.
These spectacular flowering plants, are often sold as indoor plants, but they actually grow, so much better, outside, in the cold.
I've had this red flowering beauty, in a pot, since last winter, and it hasn't stopped flowering all year.

Repot your mums one, into a bigger pot, using Tim's Best Potting Mix.
If you buy a ceramic pot from us, we will repot it for you for free.
Water twice weekly.
They like morning sun and afternoon shade.
We have around 50 plants to choose from.
They are great value.

Do you believe in Miracles?
Sue Threlfall waddled in, with her walking stick, to look at potted colour.

I noticed she had lent her walking stick, on the bench, so she could use both hands, to pick up plants.

I started up a conversation, about her amazing new tee shirt. The colour looked so good, in the nursery, amongst the plants.

Then I noticed it had a great message, that gave me a chuckle too.
Sue wandered around the nursery for a long time. Like most of you, she comes here for plant therapy too.

She bought a basket full of plants like she always does. She's been coming to this nursery since it was called "Wendy's Nursery" she told me. "I've got you through a few droughts" she told me.

She's definitely one of our best customers.
When I thought she was gone I noticed her walking stick leaning up against the potted colour bench.
I grabbed it and raced inside.

Sue was still at the counter talking to Karyn and possibly thinking about getting her usual ice cream?
She was surprised to discover, that she had been shopping, all that time, without her walking stick.
She thanked me.

I helped her load her car.
Sue has always had a white Ute.
"The first one I had for 13 years before I broke it, my latest one is living in the country now.
It only had 23,000kms on the clock.
I've given it to a friend."
Her new car is not a Ute.
But she's put the back seats down and turned it into one.
She doesn't care if we put Tims Cow Manure in it. She's used to the organic fragrance.

Sue was a Librarian at Campbelltown for 19 years. She was a Taxonomist before that.
What's that?
"A Plant Taxonomist sorts out plant species, I'm the guy, who changes the name of Lasiandras to Tibouchina.
Gardeners don't really like me".
Yes we do Sue.

We have a full range of Vegetable seedlings now. We have herbs and strawberries too.
We still have Garlic Cloves.
Yes Garlic is easy to grow.
Winter is coming.
Enjoy autumn in your garden while you can.
Happy gardening