Why do my Citrus trees die? - Apr 17, 2020

A plant called Black Widow?

Dear gardening friends
A huge order of Citrus trees turned up from Engall's Nursery this week.
Mark Engall delivered them himself.

People often ring up, to get prices for Citrus, thinking that all trees are the same?
When you see this quality, you quickly realise, that all trees are not the same.
Mark and his family have been growing Citrus for 50 years plus.

These trees have lovely straight trunks, and because they are grafted, they often flower, and fruit straight away.

The trees in the blue bags, have been grafted onto dwarfing root stocks. This means they only grow about 2 metres high, instead of 4 metres high, so they are better suited for smaller gardens.
The fruit are still big.

Gardeners often make the mistake of digging a huge hole, in the clay, to plant their Citrus tree, then they throw in a handful of Citrus food to really make it grow????????

When you dig a hole in clay, then fill it with good soil, your plant is almost guaranteed to die. The handful of Citrus food, seals it's fate.

Citrus hate poorly drained soils.
The hole dug in clay, fills up with water, the roots rot,the leaves turn yellow, the tree starts flowering, the leaves fall off, the tree dies.

The Citrus food just makes all this happen even faster!!!!!!

The secret to growing Citrus, is to plant them on a mound of IGC Planting Compost improved soil.

Dig the hole the same depth as the pot and a metre wide. Put this soil to the side.
Tip a bag or 2 of IGC Planting Compost on top of this soil, then mix the two together. Put this soil mix back in the hole.
It won't all fit. Use it to make a mound with a flat top to catch the water.

Dig your hole in this to plant your Citrus tree. Water daily for a week then twice weekly with a bucket full of water.
Yes Citrus love water.
But they hate poor drainage.
Fertilise next spring with Citrus food.

If you're growing Citrus in a pot, never use Citrus food. It kills Citrus in pots.
Use our Tim's FAST FOOD.

Citrus in pots get 20 fruit a year, Citrus growing in the ground get 200 plus, fruit a year. Which will you choose?

Mulch around your tree with Sugar Cane or Termite Resistant Wood chip.
Autumn is a great time to plant Citrus.

Tylor turned up like he was ready to operate this morning.
"I'd be happy for you to do heart surgery on me Tylor" was my welcoming.

Tylor is so kind. He sent me a text message during the bush fires to say "we should raise money at the nursery for the victims" Tim.

He gave us all Easter Bunny Chocolates last weekend. He text me to find out how many staff would be working, he didn't want anyone to miss out.

I ate mine. I started nibbling the ears, then by, body part, it disappeared.
I ate someone else's too.
I'm not as kind as Tylor.

He's got Guys shirt on.
He did work experience with us, then we got busy, and decided to give the red head, a weekend job.

He doesn't know anything about plants, but he's started digging things up at home. He moved a tomato plant and discovered it wilted.
He's learning the hard way.
The only way.

We all kill a few hundred things before we work out how to garden.
Tylor might kill a few more than that.

We might get a shirt with his name on it.
He wants a jacket too!!!!
He will be back at work tomorrow loading cars with Tims Best Potting Mix. It's a full time job at the moment.

You guys really do love the $10.00 deal.
You won't catch anything off Tylor.
He won't catch anything off you either.

The most unusual plant has just turned up.
It's called "Black Widow".
This climbing succulent has almost black foliage and the most unusual maroon/black flowers. It's a collectors plant.

It grows best, outside in sun, or morning sun. It stores water in its thick stems and leaves.

It flowers in autumn through winter.
It's a winner.
Great in hanging baskets, pots and gardens.
Plants cost $12.99.
It's called Kalanchoe beauverdii.
Fresh stock is arriving Saturday morning.

Snail Vine (Vigna caracalla) is a fast growing climbing plant with highly perfumed, Snail like flowers.

It's so rare, Hayden has grown the plants from seed, for us. He's got it growing in his garden in Ambarvale.

They are ready for sale now.
This plant is so exciting you might want to get the kids involved.

This tropical vine doesn't like the cold.
Hayden has it growing on his fence in a sunny spot and it flowers all spring and summer.
"It's in flower now too"
He's just told me.
If it gets too cold, it will become deciduous.
Plants cost just $4.99.
They are small.
This is a collector plant.
Yes we are open every day.
We have plenty.

We love it when you visit us.
You have the time now to make your garden beautiful. Come see us for help.
Happy gardening