Celebrate the rain!!!! - Feb 28, 2020

Get 25% off Frangipani.

Dear gardening friends
To celebrate the rain, we are taking 25% off Frangipanis. This brings the price down to just $14.99 in 140mm pots.
That's crazy!!
Grow them in pots or gardens in sunny spots. Enjoy the fragrant flowers in summer.
Grow them around your swimming pool.
You'll think you're in Hawaii.

Here is our variety list.
Thai Beauty, Everlasting Love, Heidi, Darwin Yellow, Lulu, Darwin Petite Pink, Darwin Cream, Snow White, Darwin Pink Beauty, Ocean Wave, Darwin Candy "O", Lulu's Pink Blush, Bloodsun, Lemon Drop, Darwin Monsoon, Darwin Shell, Black Jacks Sister, Bali Whirl, Goldilocks, Darwin Harney, Pink, Hawaiian Sunset, Cackatoo, Singapore White, Valentines Perfumed Blush, Honey & Me.

Yes we still have 30 varieties.
Some are in 200mm pots and will be reduced from $29.99 to $22.50.

Grow them in pots using Tim's Best Potting Mix for amazing results.
First in, best dressed.

We have the most amazing selection of Mistletoe cactus. Botanically known as Rhipsalis, they are in fashion big time.
We picked up these beauties, at The Nursery Industry Market Day, during the week.
Two of the baskets hang down to the ground. They must be 10 years old.
We grow these in a shady position.
They will also take morning sun.
They do get flowers too.
These plants are so unusual.
If you're a plant lover or collector, come see.

Here's a plant, that's so rare, it doesn't even come with a label.
"The Silver Dollar Vine" comes from Madagascar. It's thrives in a warm spot outside, where it gets at least 4 hours sun a day.

It's a climbing plant, or sprawling shrub.
It grows best in a pot, using Tim's Best Potting Mix. It will have yellow/green flowers in spring/summer.
It's a collectors plant of course.
These were selling for hundreds of dollars not that long ago on EBay.
Ours cost $44.00.
Zoom zoom.
#xerosicyos danguyi

Ron White just came in looking for hanging baskets. I think Ron said he was 88.
He drove trucks for 37 years, but then he went back on the tools, and welded handrails for disabled people, who lived in Department of Housing.

When I carried his plants out to the car I discovered his 1973 Morris Marina.
"Wow, the cars looking great mate."
He's a bit deaf so I had to say it a few times.
"Yes my wife bought it, when she was alive, from a one legged guy"
A one legged guy?
"Yes he'd only had the car for a couple of weeks, and then he had to get his leg chopped off, it had only done 500 miles".

I've been to Rons place, he has a beautiful house and garden, in one of the older suburbs.

He wanted to give me a giant Stag horn once, that had fallen off his back fence.
But when I saw it, I said "shit mate, you can't give this away, it's too beautiful".

I fixed the wire and put it back on the fence.
Poor Ron was only giving it away, because he couldn't lift it.

Ron's got one of those sparkly faces that's always ready to smile.
He's got a 1964 Dodge Phoenix in the garage. That only comes out on special occasions.

Water restrictions are being lifted this week. You are allowed to water your garden with the hose, before 10am and after 4pm.
There is no excuse now, not to garden.

I'm getting my Vegetable garden ready for planting today. So should you.
Pull everything out then cover the soil with Tim's Cow Manure. Dig this into the soil.
Dress with Tim's Fast Food Fertiliser, then cover with fresh Sugarcane Mulch.
Water well, then let your garden rest for a week or so.
It's easy.

Happy gardening