If it flowers, you could get rich!!!!! - Feb 21, 2020

What's the happiest indoor plant?

Dear gardening friends

It's the happiest indoor plant on the planet.
It makes home owners so happy, they called it The Happy Plant.

Happy Plants have beautiful green and yellow striped leaves. They look so lush and tropical. They are so hardy, my parents have had one, inside their house, for 30 years.

Once a year, we get a delivery of Happy Plants, from our grower in Queensland.
They arrived this week, and they look amazing. Check them out in the photo.

The Chinese believe, that if you have a Happy Plant, inside your house, and it flowers, you will be rewarded with health, wealth and happiness.

The flower has the sweetest perfume of any flower I've ever smelt.
Because we buy them direct from the grower, we can sell them to you, at almost wholesale prices. These beauties start at just $24.99. They are a bargain.
We only get them, at this price, once a year.

If you're repotting yours, into a bigger pot, please make sure you use Tim's Best Potting Mix. There are so many poor quality Potting mixes on the market, they make our beautiful plants go backwards.
We want you to have success.

Last year we released a new Indoor Plant called "Green Supreme". The grower told us it was so indestructible you couldn't kill it. We put out the call to all of Macarthur's Brown Thumbs, and invited them to trial this exciting new plant. We sold at least 100.
We've had none returned.
We've just heard great success stories about this amazing plant.

We even trialled one in our staff lunchroom and it has performed sensationally.
This is our plant in the photo.

Some exciting news!!!!!
Our grower has just delivered 50 more "Green Supreme". This indoor plant has these beautiful lush green leaves.
It only grows small, so it's perfect for your office desk or kitchen table.
Buy a ceramic pot, and we will repot it for you using Tim's Best Potting Mix for free.
Come see.
Supply is limited on this exciting new plant.
Come see.

Peter turned up again this week.
I was putting Pig out the front, when I heard him scream out from his passing car.
"You won't believe what I've brought for you today".

Peter is amazing.
He has grown us succulents in small hanging baskets. They will sell like hot cakes. The smaller ones are only $11.99.

After helping him unload I invited him in for coffee. He starts talking.

"Every thing has to be eye catching.
I learnt that from the markets.
Guess what time I finished getting your order out last night?"
He doesn't wait for me to guess.
I wanted to deliver today.
How beautiful are these hanging baskets?
The label is perfect
Everything is perfect.
Do you know what it is?
I grow them outside in the sun
These guys never die."

I ask him if he wants cake?
We have left over Cheese cake from Hayden's birthday last week.
"Yes, of course."

It's like what do you mean?
"Are you crazy."

He starts eating and talking.
"My plants always sell.
That's what Ken Hargraves used to tell me.
Your stock is beautiful Peter.
You should have free coffee
People will come.

They are going to lift the water restrictions
But you can't use a sprinkler.

Look at my photos
You won't see stock like this
It's eye catching.

A lot of good weather is coming
It's going to be nice.

That's crazy."

Our work experience boy comes to the door looking for work.

"Never underestimate anyone" he tells me.
So true.
We love Peter.
You will love his plants.
Zoom zoom.
Happy gardening