Buy a Macarthur Rose for just $20.00 - Oct 11, 2019

The hottest Chillies in the world!

Dear gardening friends
We are looking for rose lovers.
We’ve dropped the price on our Famous Macarthur Rose Bush to just $20.00 this weekend. You’ll save $10.00.

The Macarthur Rose has huge petalicious red blooms, that are perfect for picking.
It can last up to 2 weeks in a vase.
This rose flowers non stop for 9 months.
It’s one of our most popular roses.
You will love it!

I was admiring this Euphorbia Lipstick plant, growing in a pot, on our sunny patio yesterday. Five minutes later a customer came up and asked me what she could grow in her pots that are in sunny spots.

All her plants had died. It was time to replant. I showed her this photo, and she said “Great, that will do”.

Now this lady had 3 kids under 6 in the children’s playground at the time. It sounded like Luna Park.

Do you remember the sound of the kids screaming when the Big Dipper goes down the hill?

That’s how much noise was coming from 3 kids sliding down our tame slippery dip.
It made me smile.

I let the lady know that this plant has thorns, but she didn’t even blink an eye.
I could tell her kids were so tough, a thorn wasn’t going to worry them.

You’d be surprised how many mothers these days, are worried about plants that have thorns, the world has gone soft.
Kids are so protected.

Anyway she took my advice, her car was in for a service up the road.
She’d be back later.
She rounded up the kids.
Those 3 were like 20.

Later I was walking up Queen Street and I overtook her. She had those 3 kids all in the one pram. She was working hard keeping it moving, the kids were all smiling.

I hope her husband realises just how hard his wife works, while he’s at work.
He wouldn’t last 5 minutes with this mob.
I kept walking.

In 1936 my father Ron Pickles, and his twin brother Peter Pickles, were 5 years old.
They had gone to Wagga Wagga with their parents for the day, in a 1924 Dodge.

While they were there, they collected acorns under an English Oak tree.
It was a hot day, so they sat under the tree, to escape the heat.

They took the seeds home in their pockets, and they planted them in the garden.

In 1938 Wally Lidden, the local plumber, was digging trenches in the yard and he asked the boys to remove a skinny looking tree, that was about 3 foot tall.

In 1943 Junee Memorial Park was built and the local Mayor, Mr Hobbin, asked the community to donate trees and flowers.
There were no nurseries in Junee.

The boys father, Alfred Pickles, decided to donate the boys Oak tree. He knew it was going to grow too big for a suburban garden, but it would be perfect for a park.

Peter Pickles remembers helping the Mayor plant the tree. Peter has an amazing memory.

The tree survived, and it now stands 20 metres high and 20 metres wide. The girth of the tree is 3.22 metres. See photo.
It’s got a children’s play ground underneath it.

I have a tree, grown from a seed, from this tree, growing in my garden.

A couple of years ago I rang my Uncle Peter and asked him if he would mind sending me more seeds from this tree.

He collected the seeds and sat them on the counter of his Hardware store.
He got talking one day to a couple of ladies who had wandered into the shop.

He knew they weren’t locals so he asked them where they were from? Campbelltown was the answer. Yes they were our customers, so he gave them the seeds to bring back to me.

My son Dan has grown these seeds.
He’s an entrepreneur.
He’s selling them at the nursery for $24.99.
If you’ve got acreage, here is the perfect shade tree for you.

If you do Bonsai, one of these could be suitable. If you’ve got an empty park near your place?

A guerrilla tree planting might be a good idea? I’ve planted one in a local park.
I hope mine grows this big one day too.

Chillies have arrived.
We’ve got the hottest varieties in the world.
They can be grown in pots in sunny spots.
They fruit around Christmas time.

They are worth growing in pots just because they look beautiful.
Of course if you love Chillies, their is nothing hotter, than home grown fruit.
Plants cost $5.25 or buy 4 for $20.00 and save money. If you know friends who love Chillies share this story with them.

If you’ve got Woolies Discovery Gardens growing at your place here is a great idea.
Come and buy a bag of Tim’s Best Potting Mix. Lay it flat on the ground.

Poke some holes in the back with scissors.
Now cut five holes in the front of the bag.
I use a 100mm pot to mark the holes.

Plant your herb Discovery Gardens directly into the holes. You don’t have to take them out of the pots. They are Peat pots.
Water immediately then put your bag in a sunny spot. Water daily.

Your home grown herbs will be ready to eat in about 4 weeks. They will provide you with fresh herbs all summer.
Your kids will have success and become gardeners for life. How good is that!!!!!

More rain is forecast this weekend.
Have you fertilised your lawn and garden yet? Come and see us for the best fertilisers. We want you to have success.
Happy gardening