Insect eating plant arrives!!!!! - Jul 05, 2019

Tim’s twin, is not identical.

It was great to see Rainbows over Camden’s Community Gardens this morning. The gardeners and farmers must be clapping their hands this morning.
The rain and clouds are helping to keep temperatures warmer, so we are less likely to get those heavy frosts, that caused so much damage, last year.

It’s a great time to plant fruit trees and roses this weekend. I did the rounds of local nurseries this week and i was surprised how poor the Roses were, and how little choice they offered.

We have over 120 varieties to choose from, and most of our plants come from our grower in South Australia.
It’s the rose capital of Australia.
Our Roses are superior!
Come check them out.
We are taking 25% off the marked price in July.

I’ve owned a nursery for 30 years but I don’t remember anyone asking me “If we had a Tree Waratah”?
I found this beauty flowering in the backyard of a house in Camden last November.
It was covered in hundreds of these spectacular Waratah like flowers.
I’ve guerrilla planted one, in the car park garden, at St Peters Primary School, and it’s growing beautifully, despite several years of dry weather.
I’ve seen this tree thriving in Sydney’s Botanic Gardens too.
What I don’t understand is, why don’t people ask me about this tree?

Look at the flowers, they are spectacular!!!!
They are much easier to grow than a NSW Waratah and people ask me about them, all the time.

I’ve got Tree Waratahs in the nursery today. It will provide summer shade, and attract nectar feeding birds into your garden.
Plants cost $29.99. Come see.

Collector Plant Alert!!!!
Pitcher plants have arrived.
These amazing looking plants catch insects in these spooky pitchers or jugs. The insects slide down like a slippery dip into a vat of liquid, which quickly dissolves them, providing nutrients for the plants.
We don’t often get these unusual tropical plants. They are best kept inside during winter, and transfer outside, in a morning sun position, when spring arrives.
Plants cost $29.99.
Kids love these plants.

I found my twin brother in Queen Street this morning. Every morning Uncle Raymond says hello to me while I’m having my coffee.
I don’t know how it started, but it’s become a game for me to claim something that I’ve done for him.
“I walked your dog this morning”
“I hung out your underwear”
“I pee’d on your lemon tree”
It gets worse than that too.
He always laughs, and then he moves onto the next group of friends who meet here every morning for coffee, smokes and banter.

One of my staff claimed I was lazy yesterday, because some mornings I’ll will still be sitting here at 10am.

But while I’m sitting here, I write all my Facebook posts and Instagram.
I answer Gardening questions too.

Recently a guy came and sat beside me unannounced, and told me he came to our Christmas Party about 15 years ago, at The Pink Diamond Chinese Restaurant.
I cringed.

It wasn’t one of our best moments.
Someone was having a wedding on the same night as our Christmas Party.
Other guests were there too.
One of my staff made a speech at the wedding!!!!!!

I got complaint phone calls for a week.
I thanked people for ringing.
I didn’t own up for being their at first.
But then someone suggested I was there.
P.S I didn’t make the speech.

My new friend remembered the night with great fondness. “It was the best Christmas Party I’ve ever been too”.
I’ve had better.

We have so much winter colour in the nursery today. Just come for a walk.
It will make you feel good to walk around our nursery.
Happy gardening