$50 Christmas Gift Cards only $40.00. - Dec 07, 2018

Indoor plants make great Christmas Gifts.

Ken Goatham did our Christmas tree delivery. He turned up 6 minutes late he told me. Ken’s been helping Robbie deliver his trees for 15 years. His wife grew up in Wingello and wanted to go back home so Ken bought a farm to keep her happy. He’s one of those hard working farmers. He didn’t sweat half as much as me and Kens 70. “As long as you stay fit, you’ll be right” he tells me.
It must be obvious to him, that I’m not fit.
We count off the trees and then Ken starts rolling up the “tigh downs”. Everything has its place in Ken’s truck.
What are you doing today when you get home? “Vaccinating Sheep”
He sounded excited about it.
“Thanks Kenny. See you next year mate”

Kenny turned up with another delivery.
I haven’t seen him for 12 months.
He’s had a bad year on the farm. He had to sell all his cattle because of the drought.
He started that herd 25 years ago, so it was a sad day when they all went to market.

Kenny is still going at 100 miles an hour. He’d chucked off 15 Cut Christmas Trees before I got my gloves on. As I bent down to pick up tree number 17 i was hit in the head by number 18!!!!!!!!
I nearly got killed by a Christmas tree.

I put that tree aside and got Kenny to hold it so I could take his photo. By the look of that smile, he’s not that unhappy about hitting me with the tree. This story is going to be retold many times on the farm.
They know me well.

We have 100 trees coming tomorrow and more on Sunday. They are nice trees this year. The rain came just at the right time.
Come early if you want a bigger one.
They always sell out first.
Trees cost $65.00.

Indoor plants are back in fashion big time.
They make inexpensive Christmas Gifts.
Hayden has transformed our indoor plant display inside the shop. Everything’s on benches now up off the ground and it’s all beautifully displayed.

We have found new indoor plant suppliers in Queensland so our plants are cheaper and fresher than ever before. We are also buying collectors plants from boutique growers. We have plants you haven’t seen before. Check out the photos above.

We also have a new range of beautiful ceramic pots that will make your plants look so much nicer in your house. We also offer a free reporting service on smaller plants that you will be giving away as gifts.
Of course we always use or Tim’s Best Potting Mix so your plants will thrive.

Indoor plants remove dangerous toxins from the air inside your house. So they don’t just look good, they also make your house safer for your children.

Growing indoor plants is easy.
When you buy a plant repot it into a bigger pot straight away. Plants are at their peak the day you buy them. If you don’t repot, the plants go backwards very quickly.
Distressed plants get attacked by insects like Mealy Bug.
Choose a pot that’s at least 25% bigger.
Use Tim’s Best Potting Mix.
There are so many s##t Potting mixes on the market that will just make your plants sick. Avoid these.

Indoor plants need light that comes through windows. But not direct sun. So they won’t grow in rooms where you leave the curtains closed during the day. Ceiling lights don’t make indoor plants grow.

I water my indoor plants at home, once a week only. I don’t have ferns, these would need watering twice a week. I give my plants a big drink. The Potting mix has to get wet.

I repot my plants every couple of years either into bigger pots, or I remove 20% of the old roots, and put them back in the same pot. Indoor plants are tropical, so they don’t like being repotted when it’s cold.

I feed my indoor plants in spring and autumn with Tim’s Fast Food Fertiliser.
This keeps the leaves nice and green.
Don’t fertilise in winter. That’s when your plants are resting.

When the sun gets lower in winter, you often have to move your indoor plants. If the sun shines on the leaves, it can cause sunburn.

Growing indoor plants is fun, and you might become a plant collector. There are hundreds of varieties, so it’s a hobby that never ends. They can be grown from cuttings so you can grow more plants and give them to friends.

Growing plants is good for your mental health. Nurturing plants makes you feel good.

Come and check out our selection.
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Buy yourself one too.
Happy gardening