The Worlds Hottest Chillies have arrived. - Sep 28, 2018

Arthur’s Big Greek Tomato can help farmers.

Hello Gardening Friends
I finally found time to plant up my vegetable garden this week. I had to make a protective frame with bird netting so I could grow tomatoes in the country. The King Parrots are beautiful, and they have heaps of fruit to eat in my garden, including Cherries and Almonds. I had to stop them eating my tomatoes too.

Every year I’ve planted Tim’s Fruit Fly Resistant Tomato only to watch the birds eat them. This tomato definitely wins the bird “taste test” every year in my garden.
You won’t have a bird problem like me so grow this sweet tasting tomato with confidence.

This week, Arthur’s Big Greek Tomato seedlings are ready to sell. This heirloom variety came from Petri in Greece.
Arthur, from Kings Charcoal Chicken Shop, grew this variety on the families farm.
The fruit can weigh up to 1 kg. They are huge!!!!! The fruit have more flesh and less seeds which makes them delicious to eat.
We are selling the seedlings for $5.00 and all money raised, goes to The Dilly Drought Drive this year. The farmers are doing it tough, so your donation will help them buy food for their animals. We only have around 150 plants,so don’t delay, or you will miss out.

Tim’s Italian Tomatoes have finally arrived. The first batch got hit by frost but now we have fresh seedlings ready to plant.
This heirloom variety has huge pear shaped fruit that are sweeter than honey. It has more flesh than seeds. The Italians use this variety to make their own tomato sauce.
This is my favourite tomato.
I discovered it while holidaying in Italy about 5 years ago. It’s a vigorous variety that gets heaps of fruit. Grow it in a big pot using Tim’s Best Potting Mix or in your garden in a sunny spot. I use several tomato stakes to support each branch. It grows like an octopus. Pick the fruit when they turn yellow and ripen inside to avoid fruit fly.
You must water tomatoes every day, to have success.

The Worlds Hottest Chillies have arrived this week. Carolina Reaper is so hot it has a heat rating of 15/10. It will burn your bum.
We have Trinidad Scorpion, Brain Killer and Habenero Brown too. We have the biggest selection of Chillies in Australia. Buy 4 plants for $20.00.

Chillies grow well in pots in sunny spots using Tim’s Best Potting Mix. One plant per pot. Water daily. The food is in the Potting mix. They will thrive.

They can be grown in your garden too.
Improve soil with Tim’s Cow Manure to give them a great start in life. Mulch with Sugar Cane. This stops the water from evaporating. We have a new supplier of Sugar Cane. The new bag has more cane, and less dust. You will love it.
Same price as before and a bigger bag.

Wisterias have arrived from Melbourne.
There is a state wide shortage so we had to go south to find them. We have Chinese and Japanese varieties. Pink, blue and white. Prune these fast growing climbers to the size you want them to grow.

One of my favourite plants is back in stock. Oriental Pearl is an amazing shrub that grows into a round ball without any help from you. It has beautiful white flowers in spring. Great news. A new pink flowering form called Raphiolepis Oriental Pink has just arrived. This is a little beauty.
Tough as nails and easy to grow.
Come check them out!

We have so much colour in the nursery.
Customers are just coming in because it makes them feel good. So many customers have commented how great the place looks.

We have new suppliers for indoor plants.
Just in case you’ve been asleep, indoor plants are back in fashion. Look in magazines and ads on telly and you will see retro furniture and indoor plants everywhere. We’ve noticed kids are coming in to buy indoor plants. They have fallen in love with them. Fill your house with plants and it will make you feel better and they will clean the toxins from the air. They make the air you breath cleaner. How good is that?

We have beautiful indoor plants and new ceramic pots that will add the wow factor to your rooms. Come see us for advice on the hardiest plants to grow inside.

We are open all long weekend from 8.30 to 5pm. You will love our nursery.
Happy gardening