Our plants never die? - Feb 22, 2018

Why do our plants grow better?

Dear gardening friends
Finally we had some rain last week to make our plants happy. It’s not enough, but I’ve got a theory, that rain attracts more rain.
Before we had this rain the clouds would come over but no rain fell. The dry ground repelled the clouds. More rain is forecast, so I hope my theory is correct.

It could be a massive coincidence but Pig did a rain dance last week. He actually danced all night long. His rain dance was a bit rusty but then the feet started to move and then pigs little bum started moving and grooving. Rain fell a couple of hours later.

One of pig’s favourite plants is the Tricolour Chinese Star Jasmine. This amazing plant has bright pink new growth that turns white, and then green. It’s so unusual, and it adds so much colour to your garden. It can be used as a ground cover, and it will thrive in full hot sun or shade. It can also be used as a climbing plant if you have patience.

Tricolour Chinese Star Jasmine has highly perfumed white flowers in the warmer months. We have nice plants for about $16.99. If your using it as a ground cover, each plant will cover up to 2m2.
It also looks great spilling out of pots and hanging baskets. Use Tim’s Best Potting Mix for best results.

Customers often say to me that they shop at Tim’s Garden Centre because our plants don’t die. I laugh at this because if you don’t water our plants, of course, they will die. But I’ve heard this story from so many customers maybe there is some truth?

For a start, we have great staff who are all mad gardeners, so we do look after our plants and we can see when they need watering. We also have an irrigation system that comes on every night to water our outdoor plants and seedlings. This means our plants are less likely to drop dead when you take them home.

We are also plant lovers, so we are more interested in keeping our plants healthy, than keeping you shaded.
What does that mean?
If you go to the chain stores you will notice that they have covered areas that surround the plants. These covered areas create rain shadows that stop rainfall from falling on the plants. Chainstores don’t have watering systems, so the plants are often dry and under stress. Plants that are distressed are more likely to get attacked by Two Spotted Mites and Mealy Bugs. So the plants you buy are often dry and diseased.

The industry standard, for an advanced plant has always been a 200mm pot. Chainstores are now selling advanced plants in 180mm pots.

Why are they doing this?

Well the customer can’t tell the difference. The pots look the same. Check out the photo above. The blue pot is 180mm. The black pot is 200mm.

When plants are grown in 180mm pots the plants look bigger, faster, so the grower and the chainstore can sell them sooner. More profit makes share holders happy.

But smaller pots don’t make plants happy.
A 180mm pot holds 16% less Potting mix than a 200mm pot. The grower saves money on Potting Mix. But the plant has 16% less Potting mix to grow in, and it gets 16% less water than plants growing in 200mm pots.

Plants in 180mm pots get potbound sooner.
So if they hang around the store for months, the plants go down hill faster.

At Tim’s Garden Centre we try not to buy plants growing in 180mm pots. When we do buy outdoor plants, in this size pot, we repot them into 200mm pots. When we do this, we notice the plants get fresh new growth within days, and they look so much healthier. Potting mix holds the water, so more Potting mix means more water and happier plants.

So when customers say that our plants don’t die, there are reasons, why our plants grow better. We are not cheaper, but in the long run, you will save money.

Potted colour is another story.
Our potted colour is growing in bigger pots. Bigger pots means healthier potted colour. It means bigger plants with more flowers. It means they will grow faster for you and they will be less likely to die.

Customers have been holding off buying potted colour due to the dry conditions but now that it’s rained, I am more confident that you will have success. Plant them in pots on sunny patios, and give your home some colour. Flowers make you happy, and the more flowers you have, the happier you will be. Use our Tim’s Best Potting Mix to have the best results.

If your growing potted colour in your garden dig IGC Planting Compost into your soil. This amazing product contains a Wetting Agent, Seaweed, Organic Slow Release Fertiliser and Compost. You don’t have to add anything else but water. Of course if you mulch your garden with Sugar Cane your plants will get 80% more water so they will grow much better. Gardening is all about keeping the water in your soil.

Our favourite gardening guru is coming back to Tim’s Garden Centre this Saturday. Ryan is everyone’s favourite Horticulturist. He is working for the Blue Mountains Botanic Gardens at Mt Tomah these days but he is making a guest appearance. He can solve all your problems.

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Happy gardening