Pig wins gold!!!!! - Feb 16, 2018

Why don’t your Citrus trees grow?

Dear gardening friends
It might be hot and dry but plants still grow with a little H2O. I was putting the pig sign out during the week and I suddenly realised how good our garden still looks despite the heat. The secret to great gardens, is great soil, and over the years, Karyn has dug so much Cow Manure and Planting Compost into the soil. The Sugarcane she uses to mulch the garden breaks down and adds to this Organic concoction. Organic matter holds water, so the more you have in your soil, the more drought proof it becomes.

I had a customer in during the week who has killed at least 6 fruit trees recently.
He was doing everything right he told me.
He brought in a sample of his soil and showed me photos of his garden. It looked like a photo of the soil around Uluru!
It was sandy topsoil with no organic matter. He had no mulch on his garden, so 80% of the water he used, was just evaporating. He then admitted throwing at least a handful of Citrus food around every plant at time of planting. Seriously, I was ready for a breakdown.

So here is a quick tip on how to plant fruit trees. Fruit trees hate clay soils.
Dig a wide hole with a shovel. Put this soil to the side. Tip a bag or 2 of IGC Planting Compost on top of this soil and mix them together.
Now fill the hole back in. All the soil won’t fit back in the hole. Make a mound with a dip in the middle. Now dig the hole in this to plant your citrus tree. Make sure your tree is soaking wet prior to planting. I like to sit my tree in a bucket of water to remove all the air from the Potting mix.

Plant your tree and water with at least 40 litres of water. Mulch around your tree with Woodchip or Sugarcane. Don’t fertilise!!!!!!
Water daily for 3 weeks then twice weekly.
20 litres per week will make your tree thrive once it’s established.

We have cutting grown Lemon and Lime trees from just $29.99. These fruit in the first 12 months. They are super cheap.

The IGC Planting Compost has a slow release fertiliser that releases gently over 3 months. It contains a wetting agent, seaweed and compost. It’s all you need.
There are plenty of composts for sale in the chainstores. They are not the same as IGC Planting Compost. Most of them are just recycled Green waste. They do more harm than good.

Your vegetable garden is probably looking very sad after a hot dry summer. If your tomatoes weren’t successful or they were full of worms don’t be disheartened. It was a tough season with so little rain. Autumn is just around the corner. Vegetables are easier to grow in the cooler months.

Prepare your veggie patch now for autumn planting. Cover your soil with Tim’s Cow Manure and Tim’s Fast Food Fertiliser.
You need one bag of Cow Manure per 3m2.
Turn the soil over with a long handled Shovel or Garden fork. Remove Curl grubs as you dig. These white grubs eat the roots of your plants. Rake level then cover your soil with fresh Sugar Cane. Water well so it doesn’t blow away. Allow to sit for 2 weeks.
When the nights turn cooler it’s time to plant.

Just remember our Tim’s Cow Manure is real Cow Manure. It’s not mixed with Recycled Green Waste. It’s worth the drive.
4 bags for $26.00. It’s great value.

The last of The Diamonds In The Dark Crepe Myrtles has burst into bloom this week. These spectacular summer flowering small trees only grow 3 metres high by 2 meters wide. That’s the perfect sized tree for your courtyard sized garden. The foliage is almost black so the Pure White flowers look amazing. This Pure White variety sold out in 5 minutes when it was first released in Victoria. We’ve had heaps of interest too.
These spectacular looking, drought tolerant trees, have been a sales sensation.
They are great value at just $26.99.
You’ll save 5% with your Tim’s Garden Club Discount.

Talking about amazing trees, I bet you’ve never heard of a Kapok Tree!
We have one growing in our nursery carpark and it has the most spectacular flowers. Check it out above.
Kapok trees have huge thorns on the trunk.
This isn’t the type of tree that you might climb as a kid. If you do climb it you will need to be rescued. But it’s worth looking at just so you can appreciate its uniqueness and beauty. It’s growing in the garden as you exit into The Barn carpark on your left.
It’s covered in these spectacular pink flowers. If there is a tree museum, this tree will be in it.

Linda Ross is coming to give a Garden talk at our nursery on Wednesday the 14th of March. If you would like to come contact The Garden Clinic directly to book a ticket.
It’s not free but everyone who attends her talks says she is great value. You will learn heaps and have a laugh.

Breaking News
Pig slips over on the way to the loo in Pyeongchang and accidentally wins gold in the Luge!
It’s right up there with “Best Scones at the Camden Show”. Another proud moment.

Come and see us if you need help in your garden. Happy gardening