$50 Christmas Gift Vouchers for $40.00 - Dec 15, 2017

Did your garden survive the heat?

Dear gardening friends
It was so hot yesterday, pig could smell his own bacon. We were on hoses all day trying to keep our plants alive. Most plants have bounced back today but some of your plants at home will have burnt leaves.

Even tree haters would have been looking for a shady tree to park their cars under yesterday. Trees might be hard work with leaves falling but they pay you back on a hot day with beautiful shade. The world needs more trees. Your garden might need a few more too?

When we get a day like that there isn’t much you can do except water your plants before you go to work. If your plants got damaged by the heat, remove any burnt foliage then start watering your plants with Seasol.

This plant tonic nurses sick plants back to health. It stimulates new root growth. You can use it at least twice a week. Simply mix a cap full in a 10 litre watering can. Water it over the foliage and into the roots.
You will notice fresh new growth appearing within a couple of weeks.

Mulch around your gardens and pot plants with Sugarcane. This protects your plants roots from the hot sun. It’s like insulation!
It also helps stop the water from evaporating so your plants get more water.
If you are going away for holidays over Christmas you need to mulch your gardens or expect to find some dead plants when you return.

Group your potted plants together. This way they help shield each other from the heat so they need less water to survive.
Pots with saucers are more heat tolerant.

Deep water your outdoor pot plants every day. If you Wettasoil them, the water will go further because it makes the Potting mix accept the water. This product really works.
Treat your lawn and garden too.

You will notice yellow patches starting to appear in your lawn. This means the soil is becoming hydrophobic in these spots.
Even if you water it, it won’t accept the water unless we get much needed rain.
Wettasoil removes this oily barrier so the soil can get wet again. These dry patches are happening in your gardens too. That’s why plants in a particular garden always die.

A sprinkler waters your lawns and gardens much better than a hand held hose. Put it on for 20 minutes then move it.
If you are going to hand water buy yourself a Dram Watering Wand. We use these in the nursery. You can turn your hose almost on full flow and it comes out in a soft shower. The soil accepts soft water.
Buy one as a Christmas Present. We have them in a selection of great colours.
Your plants will love you!

If you are using one of those orange and grey adjustable nozzles you are wasting your time. These are designed for hosing cars and paths, not for watering plants!

We have been flat out for Christmas.
We have more fresh cut Christmas trees coming tomorrow morning. We are expecting them to be bigger trees than last week. Come early for the biggest trees. They always sell out first.
We will have them on Sunday too.

Our $50.00 Christmas Gift Vouchers are popular. Buy them for fussy friends or buy one for yourself. They are not redeemable until after Christmas Day.
You have two years to use them.

Indoor plants are selling fast. These make great office gifts for friends and we gift Wrap for free. Simon is always looking for new indoor plants. We have nice ceramic pots that are great value too.

Come and see us. We have easy parking out the front. Park under one of our trees.
Happy gardening