Goodbye Neighbours

Now is a great time to plant. Screen out nosey neighbours in no time at all.

If you’re sick of your neighbours looking over your fence then Goodbye Neighbours is the perfect screening plant for you. It can grow up to 2 metres a year and it’s so thick and bushy you can sunbake nude in your backyard!

Goodbye Neighbours is super fast growing, thrives in full sun or shade and it’s more frost tolerant than other lillypillies. It has bird attracting white flowers and it’s native so it requires little water once established.

It’s resistant to psyllid attack so you won’t have to use dangerous chemical sprays.

For a thick screen, plant Goodbye Neighbours one metre apart and water often until established. The more often you prune it the faster it will grow.

“Goodbye Neighbours” can also be grown in large pots to screen out nosey neighbours

Now is the best time to plant Goodbye Neighbours.

This fantastic new screening plant is exclusive to Tim’s Garden Centre in 200mm pots. Big plants are $29.99 or buy 2 for $58.00
Please ring the store on (02) 46267022 to confirm the price as the price is subject to change.

Do you live in Sydney?

We can deliver 5 plants in a box to your house for as little as $175.00.
Please ring the store on (02) 46267022 with your postcode for the exact price on delivery as the price is subject to change.

Do you live in regional NSW, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Melbourne?

Ring nursery on (02) 46267022 for delivery prices to your suburb

Bigger plants are available!

If you require super advanced versions of Goodbye Neighbours, give the nursery a call for details and pricing on (02) 46267022.

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