Partiridges in our pear trees - Nov 24, 2011

Dear gardening friends

I had to go and buy a rain coat today because I was getting so wet hanging the Christmas tree signs on the fence. This has got to be one of the best growing seasons we have ever had. The Manchurian Pear trees in our car park have grown 50 cms since the start of spring. You have probably noticed that everything is growing in your garden too. There is a saying in the nursery industry that the best time to plant a tree was 10 years ago. This season trees will put on 10 years worth of growth. So if you are thinking about planting something stop thinking about it and just do it!

About 20 years ago I planted some Jacaranda trees on the corner of Cordeax and Queen St in Campbelltown. I still remember how hard the soil was that day. While I was planting the trees at least 20 people stopped to tell me I was wasting my time because the trees would just get pulled out by vandals. The trees didn’t get pulled out and I noticed this week that they were covered in beautiful flowers. I have attached a photo so you can see how good they look. Jacaranda trees grow so well in the Macarthur district so I think we should plant more. Simon has found some nice fresh young plants for just $19.99. They grow big so plant them on your nature strip.

Summer is coming so it is a good time to prune your plants. This week we took down our Geranium baskets from along the fence. They were getting fungus diseases on the leaves because the plants are over grown and pot bound. When plants get run down and tired they start to get diseases. Plants are just like people. I cut back the Geraniums by 50% then treated the soil with Wettasoil. I also fed them with Tim’s Fast Food and topdressed the potting mix with Greengold Planting Compost. The Wettasoil will make the potting mix hold more water and the Fast Food will give the plants a nutrient boost. The planting compost reconditions the potting mix and makes it hold more water too. In the next couple of weeks the Geraniums will come back to life with fresh new growth that will be free from fungus attack. Flowers will follow and they will put on a show through summer and autumn.

Perhaps you have plants in pots that are looking a bit tired too.

Poor Monika has gone into hospital to get a knee replacement. She will be off work for 6 weeks or so. She has been limping around for ages so let’s hope the operation is a success.

Thank you to everyone who gave me snake advice last week. Wow it seems everyone loves a good snake story. The snake hasn’t been sighted so I am hoping it has moved on.

I asked Ryan what he had for lunch yesterday. “Slow cooked beef on a fresh bread roll with onion gravy” was his reply. It seems everyone is getting a little bit fancy here with the lunch menu.

Karyn has been busy today in the pouring rain planting more flowers in our garden. She really does deserve a medal. Please tell her how much you love her garden when you see her on the counter.

Happy gardening