Don't eat maggots! - Sep 19, 2011

Growing fruit trees is all the rage but when you bite into a piece of fruit and discover you have eaten half a maggot the novelty soon wears off. Chemicals are available from nurseries that control fruit fly but wouldn't it be better if we didn't have to use these.The good news is an organic fruit fly trap has just been released that kills both male and female fruit fly. In the past the traps only attracted the males so they were basically useless.

Cera Trap contains a unique protein based liquid solution that is very attractive to both female and male fruit flies. Once the lid is removed from the bottle, the smell of the liquid lures the fruit flies into the specially designed trap. Unable to escape they simply drown in the liquid. The organic liquid contains no pesticides so it is so safe to use around children and pets.

Simply hang the trap in your fruit tree on the northern side at eye level. It is important to hang the trap up while the fruit is still small.

One trap will protect two fruit trees. If you have tomatoes growing hang the trap above your veggie patch.

Cera Trap will allow you to grow home grown Apples, Apricots, Cherries, Grapefruit, Guava, Lemons, Limes, Mandarins, Mangoes, Oranges, Peaches, Pears, Plums, and Nectarines. Cera Traps are available at Tim's Garden Centre now and they cost just under $25.00. Come and get one this weekend so you don't have to eat maggots this summer.

I went to Junee last sunday to celebrate my uncles 90th birthday. My family comes from Junee so it is always nice to go back to this small country town. Junee is looking so nice at the moment because the drought is over and the crops are looking sensational. The Canola was starting to flower so I took a photo of the beautiful yellow flowers to share with you.

We also saw lots of new born lambs in the paddocks. One of the farmers was saying that many of the sheep are having tripplets which is a sure sign that it is going to be a good growing season. The poor farmers are finally going to make some money. We went into town and had a look at the statue of Ray Warren which has just been unveiled. It is almost opposite my cousins hardware store. Ray warren must be jockey sized in real life because the statue was tiny. If you go to Junee make sure you visit The Licorice Factory in Lord St. I bought back a few samples. The chocolate coated licorice was a winner.

Back at the nusery we have been very busy unloading trucks. At this time of year we can get 10 deliveries every day. We had a nice work experience boy from Thomas Reddall High School help us out this week. His name is Hayden and he was so good we have given him a part time job on Sundays. Hayden helps his Grandma out in the garden so he already knows some of the plant names. If you come and buy potting mix or cow manure on the weekend Hayden will help you load the car.

Poor Simon was off sick for 3 days with the flu. He slept for 3 days and only woke up to eat a can of salmon. I think Simon may be turning into a Bear.

We are happy to have the big fella back.

Russel our apprentice is getting great results at Padstow Tafe. He is always taking plants home and striking cuttings at work which means he really does love plants.

I was watching a guy walking along the foot path last Saturday out the front of the nursery. He had just been in our carpark getting some free pots out of our recycling bin. He suddenly stopped and then walked over to the garden and bent over. I thought he must have seen a weed and he was going to pull it out for us. I was just about to say thankyou when he reached in and pulled out one of Karyns beautiful Pansy plants. He started potting it into one of the free pots he had just got out of our carpark. I gave him a yell and he quickly lost interest in stealing plants. We often get plants stolen at night from the garden but not during the day. The sad thing is these plants would never grow because they are too big to transplant and the soil falls off the roots.

On a happier note the trees we planted at Campbelltown Hospital are growing beautifully. They have all sprouted new spring growth and are looking good. Only one tree has had the top snapped off and this will quickly recover.

We have had a great response to the Heirloom Tomatoes. Lisa has had to order lots more this week to keep up with the demand. Most people are trying a few different varieties. This makes sense because they are less likely to be attacked by disease. That's what biodiversity is all about.

Pig claims to have helped Sam Stosur win the U.S open this week.

Eternal Fragrance Daphnes are back in stock. This new variety of Daphne thrives in full sun or part shade. We have two growing in the garden out the front and they are looking fantastic. They have small white flowers and they have that lovely sweet Daphne fragrance. This plant is much easier to grow that the original Daphne. We have nice plants coming into flower for just $ 17.99 each .

Basil has arrived and it should be safe to plant now that the frost has gone. We have been selling heaps of herbs since the cooking shows became so popular. Grow herbs in pots if you don't have any room in the garden.

Come and see us if you need advice.

Happy gardening