Tim gets the bug - Aug 28, 2011

Dear gardening friends

We have had fantastic gardening weather this week so many of our regulars are popping in to see us. It seems everyone is getting the gardening bug early this spring. Yes I know spring doesn't officially start until next week but have a look at all the blossom trees in flower. My Manchurian Pear trees are covered in white flowers and the kids are sick of hearing me bang on about these trees already.

I have attached a photo of my Almond tree which is also covered in white flowers. This is a fruiting Almond and last year we got at least 300 nuts. This is a self pollinating variety called "All In One". The shell of these sweet nuts is so soft you can break them in your fingers. I don't spray or prune this tree and it still provides me with heaps of nuts. This tree is so good looking it can be planted in your front yard. When I planted mine about 2 years ago they cost $69.99 but Simon bought them from Griffith this year and we have some for just $39.99.

Simon bought in a banana for lunch during the week and he was making out he was really rich. Who would have thought that a banana could replace a BMW as the ultimate show of wealth. Any way I was in Woolies and I noticed Blueberries are $70.00 a kilo while bananas are so cheap at just $13.99. Then the next day we get these huge blueberry plants delivered that have at least $10 worth of fruit forming on them already. I was so impressed I got Russell our apprentice, to model the blueberry plants.

Check out the photo I think Russell does a pretty good job. He even took off his jumper so you could see his big muscles.

We have nick named him "Russell the Muscle" because he is always helping people load their cars.

We have had a Blueberry plant growing in a big pot at the nursery for at least 5 years. This plant produces 5 Kilos of fresh Blueberries every season. Now if you do the maths that's $350.00 worth of fruit!  We have plants from just $13.99 so they are the best investment ever. You are welcome to come down and try one of our home grown Blueberries. Come early because the staff seem to hang around this plant a lot.

During the week I mulched the pot with our smelly cow manure. I do this every Spring and Autumn and the plant loves it.

The dogs of Macarthur will be much happier this year because we have reminded everyone to spray their lawns for Clover and Bindii. We are dog lovers down here and some of our customers bring their dogs with them. We don't mind as long as they are on a lead. I forgot to tell you but Lisa was involved with the Cup Cake Day for the RSPCA. She got up early and baked all these delicious cakes which she sold at the nursery. Her cooking skills have improved considerably since she first started a few years ago. Now we look forward to eating the cakes.

The nursery has had a make over this week. Simon and Ryan moved all the potted colour and they have reworked all the plant displays. You have never seen so much colour. We have noticed that flowers are back in fashion while the strappy leaf Cordylines are on the way out. Thank goodness. Bunnings loved these plants because even they couldn't kill them, but they are just so boring! When I was in N.Z trout fishing I came across a Cordyine growing on the side of the river and it was at least 10 metres high by 10 metres wide. The tree loppers are going to be so busy in Harrington Park in 10 years time.

Anyway I hope you enjoy this newsletter it does become a bit of a rant at times.

Best wishes