I Might Need New Gloves? - Jun 14, 2024

Dear gardening friends
We are always looking for fabulous new indoor plants for you. So when a friend rang me and said would you like some Spathiphyllum "Picasso"? I said yes!!!!!
These amazing Indoor plants are so hardy and they have spectacular green and white leaves.
I've got one growing in my house and I love it.

"Picasso" is super hardy. It's one of those indoor plants that survives even brown thumb gardeners. It gets spectacular variegated flowers too when you grow it in bright light.

Because it's a Collectors Plant you won't find it in nurseries. If you find it online they are super expensive and you have to pay for postage. We've got 100 plants here at our nursery today. The plants are huge.

We've got them for $59.99 and $79.99.
That's a bargain for a Spathiphyllum "Picasso"

Buy a plant and a ceramic pot to match, and we will pot it up for free, using Tim's Best Potting Mix. This will ensure your plant thrives indoors. I water mine once a week. I give it a big drink, not a sip.

These will sell out fast.
Zoom Zoom.

We were potting up Roses bushes yesterday, yes it's that time of year. Our Rose bushes arrive bare rooted, then we pot them up. Lots of new varieties are coming, but the most popular are still Mr Lincoln, Just Joey, Blue Moon and Pope John Paul. If you've got room for four Roses choose these perfumed varieties. The colours look great together too.

While I was potting up, I contemplated getting new gloves. These have certainly lived a life. But then one of my customers came up and wanted to know what I'm cooking tonight?

I've got the slow cooker out, I'm making a Yellow Chicken Curry. I got the Chicken Curry powder from Greenvalley Spices. I got the Chicken legs from A&A Poultry in Campbelltown mall. I bought fresh Ginger and Eggplant from Henry's Harvest.

Ingredients for Yellow Chicken Curry are 8x Chicken legs, 1x Eggplant, 3x potatoes, Pumpkin, 1x Onion, 1x Leek, 3x Anchovies, 1x 800g Can of Tomatoes, can Chickpeas, 3x table spoons of Chicken Curry powder, sliced Ginger, Garlic, Salt and Pepper, 1/2 a lemon. Chop the veggies up and Cook all day on high. Serve with White Rice.

P.S This Chicken Curry was a huge success. The boys went back for seconds. It's not hot.
Your kids will eat this.

Have you ever thought about growing your own Mandarins? I've got a Mandarin tree growing in my garden and every year it produces hundreds of sweet tasting Mandarins.

Mandarins fruit in winter when there's no fruit fly so there's no need to use dangerous chemicals. They also produce sweet smelling white flowers in spring so plant them near your windows to enjoy the sweet fragrance. They can actually be planted in your front yard.

There are two varieties that are best for your garden.
Imperial Mandarin (less seeds) or Emperor Mandarin. Both these varieties will produce hundreds of fruit once established. We have these in dwarf varieties so they are more suited to smaller gardens or big pots.

Grow them in raised garden beds that have been topped up with Tim's Best Potting mix. This gives them good drainage and it's also got a slow release fertiliser that lasts for 7 months. You will be amazed by the results.

Citrus trees need to be sprayed often with Pestoil. This non poisonous spray helps prevent Citrus leaf miner and Aphids.

Winter is the best time to plant fruit trees. They get established before the heat of summer arrives.
They can be used to screen your neighbours. Even the dwarf varieties will grow 2 metres high.
Our Citrus trees look amazing.
Come and see us this weekend.

Hayden is growing Ranunculus, he's grown them in Tim's Best Potting mix to get them started, then he will pot them up into 140mm pots and they will be ready for sale in early spring.

Do you remember when it was bulb season all the nurseries had Bulb potting mix? If you grew ferns you had to buy Fern Potting mix?

Camellias and Azaleas needed their own special potting mix too. Cacti and Succulents needed special potting mix. What about Citrus and Roses?????

Just imagine you could use the same potting mix for all these plants? Well you can. Here at Tim's Garden Centre we use Tim's Best Potting mix for all these plants types and they thrive.

We use Tim's Best Potting mix to grow herbs and vegetables too? How can that be possible?

Don't you have to have special potting mix for all these plants? Well no, you don't.

You may have noticed that terracotta pots have gone out of fashion? They have been replaced by light weight fibre pots in colours of grey, black and white. We have these of course, but we've chosen to stock terracotta pots too.

We've had great success growing plants in terracotta, the pots breathe, and plants just look great with this amazing earthy colour. We've also noticed that terracotta pots are cheaper.
Isn't that great. Come see our selection.

Just letting you know, the Mattock came back!!!!!
Happy gardening