How To Make Baked Chicken Soup? - May 24, 2024

Dear gardening friends
Here is a great story. We got a batch of Cape Chestnut trees delivered in late summer and they were seedling grown. That means they could take up to 7 years to flower.

I went and knocked on the door of a lady's house in Menangle. She has the most beautiful Cape Chestnut tree on her nature strip. She was so kind and lovely. I asked her if she would mind if I just took some tip cuttings? She was happy to help.

I brought those cuttings back to the nursery and grafted them onto our seedlings. They grew and now they are flowering 3 months later. How crazy is that!!!!!

If you buy one of these trees they will flower straight away. They flower throughout the year but at times they are absolutely covered in fragrant pink flowers.

We are selling them for $85.00.
I'm giving one to my new friend who helped me grow them. I've noticed her tree has darker pink flowers, than the others. It's special.

These are great street trees. They don't grow too big, you've probably seen them growing in Menangle. 8ms x 8ms it probably their expected size in 30 years.

They come from Africa. They grow well here too.
We only have 12 trees. Oops 11.
Zoom zoom.

Foot note. I dropped the tree in, she was so excited and she has decided to plant it somewhere where everyone can enjoy it.

I had a lovely couple in yesterday, they were from another country, they were new to gardening. They had bought an indoor plant, not from us, and it wasn't doing well. They wanted to know why it wasn't growing?

I asked them lots of questions, there can be so many reasons why their indoor plant wasn't growing. Finally I came to the potting mix. Which one did you buy?

I showed them this photo of our Premium Potting Mix trial and they were a bit embarrassed to show me which one they bought. It was the one top left of course.

What could I say? It's not their fault that the plants not growing. It wouldn't matter what they did the plants future was doomed.

What do they do now? Quickly repot it using Tim's Best Potting mix. It's the best potting mix.
I'm sorry if you live too far away. Choose the next best from this photo. These seedlings were planted on the same day.

Autumn leaves can drive people crazy, they are often thought of as messy things. Autumn leaves are actually natures way of improving the soil, so your trees and shrubs grow better.

Yesterday I mowed my lawn and ran over the autumn leaves until they became a fine mulch. This mulch will wash into the lawn, where it will compost and become a soil enricher. My lawn will go greener in spring because this organic matter makes the soil hold more water.

The compost also breaks down the clay soil and turns it into friable rich soil, that helps the roots grow better. The leaves can also be put on gardens where they will break down and become compost that then attracts worms into your garden.

If you're raking or blowing your leaves into a corner and then throwing them away, you're crazy. Nature is offering this free gift to gardeners, take it.

I'm making BBQ Chicken soup today. I bought a Woolies BBQ Chicken last night and I only ate one wing. I've put the cooked chook in the slow cooker and added lots of vegetables to make the most amazing soup.

I've added Pumpkin, Leeks, Onion, Carrots, Celery, Garlic, Rosemary, Anchovies, Worcestershire sauce, Mung beans, Chickpeas, Tomato paste and water. I would have used Chicken stock, but I ran out.

I've cooked it all day on low. I'll fish out the bones before serving. I'll have it with crusty bread.

The brown cooked bits make the soup taste amazing and the stuffing floats out to add more flavour.

I just remembered I added Capers and Pepper with Pink salt. It's a winner and so cheap to make.

You can spend all the money I'm saving you on plants. I just drove past Maccas and people were lining up at drive thru, can't these people cook?

I walked through a fancy hotel recently in Canada and there was a Kentia Palm waiting to greet me. These amazing indoor plants come from Lord Howe Island.

They are so tough and hardy, the seeds are exported all around the world. I find that so exciting!!!!

I've had one growing in a pot at my place for over 20 years. It fills the corner of my lounge room with its elegant fronds, and it just looks so spectacular. I often find myself just admiring its beauty.

I recently repotted it using Tim's Best Potting mix. I removed 20% of the root ball with a handsaw, (don't let me operate on you), then put it back into the same pot. It's responded with fresh new growth and it's just turned so green.

When you buy a Kentia palm you will notice that there are several plants in the pot. They grow them like this so it grows bushier. The competition also stops them growing too tall, too fast.

The fronds are non poisonous, so your pets and children can munch on the leathery leaves without fear. Yes people love their pets more than their children.

We have Kentia palms in the nursery. People often don't buy them, because they compare the price of a Kentia palm with other Palms. There's absolutely no comparison, a Kentia palm is one of the best indoor plants on the planet. Don't worry about the price. This indoor plant could outlive you.

Some amazing news. My son Bailey Pickles has written the music for Vivid Sydney. It's opening tonight and we are going to see it.
Here is the link. I hope you can open it.

Happy gardening