The Best Lemon Chicken Ever!!!!! - May 17, 2024

Dear gardening friends

I've got so many Lemons on my tree I've decided to make Lemon Chicken tonight. Bailey has his friends around, it's the band, so I'm feeding hungry boys. This one pot dinner is so easy to cook it's crazy.

I've got Chicken legs and wings and I put them in a big bowl. Then I added the juice of three Lemons picked straight from the tree. I then added Rosemary from the garden and Garlic. I drizzled Olive Oil over the Chicken. I've added freshly ground Pepper and Pink salt. I've then massaged this into the chicken, with my hands.

Then I tip the bowl, with all the juices, into a baking dish. I've put Carrots and two Onions in with the Chicken, with a handful of Olives. The Chicken is sitting in the juice. You can also add a little water or white wine. I've decided to drink the wine!!!!

I bake this in the oven on 180 for 45 minutes or until the Chicken goes brown. I'm micro waving Broccoli with this. It's very simple. I serve it with a big blob of Hummus. I'll send photos when it's cooked. The house smells amazing.
The band needs more practise.

If you don't own a Lemon tree it's time to plant one.
"Kevin The Lemon" is the best variety. It has very juicy lemons with a thin skin. It's the most popular variety and it's dwarf growing. I've got one in my garden and it has 300 lemons on it right now.
Its crazy!!!!

Plant it in your garden on a mound of Tim's Best Potting mix improved soil. Citrus need drainage and they love good soil. Mulch around the base with Sugar cane and water twice a week.
Spray with Pestoil to prevent Citrus Leaf miner damage.

Come and see our Citrus selection. Our trees are so big and bushy at the moment. We've never had Citrus this good.

Sometimes you meet someone and they impress you straight away. I've just met Heath Meadley and that's the effect he had on me. It was the first time Heath has visited us. He dropped his car in to get serviced then walked up.

He was looking for Native plants that he could grow at his parent's place at Ruse. He admitted that they hadn't planted too much, but he's building a Koala enclosure for rescued animals. Rescued animals????

Heath is a licenced Wildlife Rescue worker and he also works at the Australian Wildlife Sanctuary in Bargo. He's only 18 but it sounds like he's found his life passion.

He's done two TAFE courses already, Animal Studies and Wildlife Animals. He loves animals. I ask him what are his goals "I want to help conserve our local wildlife, we have to look after what's around us" he tells me earnestly.

He's got his own Facebook page "Zookeeper Heath". He went to Leumeah High School, he left in year 11. "School just wasn't for me".

He was lucky to find paid work at The Australian Wildlife Sanctuary. He worked for free for 18 months. He still teaches Go Karting at Fast lane karting in Minto. He fits everything in.
He's so tall, he must fold himself into those Karts.

He buys an Argyle Apple Eucalyptus, I donate him a Pink Cascade Lillypilly. I know Possums love eating the pink leaves and flowers. He's surprised. He's won me over very quickly.

I'm a lover of Leeks. They can just be used in so many dishes. They disappear into a Curry or Spaghetti sauce.
They have just so much goodness.

I've discovered they can be grown in a big pot using Tim's Best Potting mix. This large pot used up one punnet of Leek seedlings. They take about 6-8 weeks to grow this big, yes they grow fast. Snails and bugs don't seem to worry them.

I'll start using these non stop now they are reaching maturity, you have to eat as they grow or you end up having too many at once.

When they are all eaten I'll top up the pot with Tim's Best Potting mix again, I like to add a little cow or chicken manure too. It makes the plants grow so fast.

It's coming into autumn now, the weather cools and it just makes it so much easier to grow vegetables.
I've plants Lettuce, Broccoli and Sugar Snap peas so far. I've planted Spanish Onions in a big pot too.

I love autumn, it's my favourite season.
The world looks and feels so much nicer in autumn.

After all that beautiful rain it's a great time to garden.
Come and see us this weekend.

Happy gardening