$50.00 Tim’s Gift Cards For $40.00? - May 10, 2024

Dear gardening friends

Hayden has pre-wrapped all our Mother's Day Flowers so you can zoom in and zoom out. We're the best place to get your potted flowering plants, we have the easiest parking.

If you can't find a gift, you can buy your mum a $50.00 Tim's Garden Centre Gift Card for $40.00. She can redeem it after Mother's Day.

Check out Kevin in the background, he's been starring at this indoor plant for days.
It must be love?

We potted up all our Cyclamen for Mother's Day.
We've discovered when we pot them into 200mm pots using Tim's Best Potting mix, they double in size.

These plants are now huge and covered in flowers just in time for Mother's Day. You will love our selection.

Cyclamen grow better outside in the cold, they love morning sun then shade. They grow beautifully on the patio. They will even take frost.

It's Cyclamen season. They flower right through autumn, winter and early spring. If you find the right spot they might just keep flowering. They can live for 10 years or more.

We have over 100 to choose from. The biggest ones are $29.99 and great value. We have smaller ones for $18.99. We will gift wrap them for free.
Your mother will love one for Mother's Day.

This little shrub is amazing, It's new and your mum would love one. It's a very dwarf version of Abutilon. It only grows 45cms x 45cms and it flowers all year round. Hayden has one growing in his garden and he loves it.

We've been waiting for these to come back in stock. We've got Orange and Red flowering varieties here now. They grow in full sun of part shade. The staminate flowers are spectacular.

You could grow it in a pot using Tim's Best Potting mix. If they ever stop flowering simply prune and fertilise with Tim's FAST FOOD. They will begin to flower again in a few weeks.

We've bought these plants all the way from South Australia for you. They are collectors plants.
They cost $18.99. They are covered in buds and flowers. They always sell out fast.

This guy turned up last week from Camden High.
Noah came for a week's work experience. It's always a nervous time for school kids, but I asked Noah a few gardening questions and he came up with the right answers. I was thinking this kid is smart.

Horticulture is common sense. You have to be aware of your surroundings, great horticulturists see things.

I've also noticed that most great horticulturists can cook. I asked Noah what's his go to dish, he responded "Spaghetti Carbonara".
I liked him straight away.

We got him potting up plants using Tim's Best Potting Mix we talked about why it's important to fill the pots right up. The soil will settle, more potting mix means more nutrients and water. Noah gave me these answers when I quizzed him about what does potting mix do?

He potted up plants faster than some of my staff, he had a system, he just knew what to do. It was innate. He reminded me of Hayden. Hayden turned up here from Thomas Reddall High School and started doing jobs without any training. It was like, where has this kid come from????

We got Noah making "Tim's Red Scarfs". We didn't really want to give up our manufacturing secrets but we trusted Noah. He made perfect Red Scarfs. We are selling them for $5.00 to raise money for The African AIDS Foundation.

Oh no, I've just realised I didn't give Noah one.
I will.

He's just turned up a week later, asking about a weekend job. We've given him our form to fill out.
He's got the job, as soon as spring comes.

Success isn't an accident, Noah is making it happen. We just gave Noah a $50 Tim's Gift Voucher.

He seemed excited about that, we suggested he might sell it to his mother for $40.00. We've got that deal on here. He smiled. I think he might spend it here, himself.

Noah is so calm and confident, he plays baseball, I asked him if he ever bunts?

Happy gardening