Did You Know Camellias Have Fragrance? - Apr 19, 2024

Dear gardening friends

If you went to The Collectors Plant Fair last weekend you would have seen so many plant collectors carrying Bat Plants, but I didn't see any this big!!!!

We've just taken delivery of these beautiful Black Bat Plants, and they are coming into flower now!!! Huge plants cost just $55.00.

Bat Plants come in white or black flowering forms and we have both varieties here at Tim's Garden Centre today. In Macarthur they are best grown indoors in bright light. They have these huge green leaves. They just look so lush and tropical.

If you live closer to the city or near the ocean then you can grow them outside in shady places. They look fabulous in big pots. The flowers have huge whiskers like a cat!!!! They are just so arty and magnificent. You must have one!!!!

Grow them in bigger pots using Tim's Best Potting mix. It helps these beautiful plants reach their full potential. I've grown mine in a brightly lit bathroom. It has a skylight in the ceiling and the plant, absolutely loves the bright natural light.

I water mine just once a week. I feed it with Tim's FAST FOOD in spring, summer and autumn. It rewards me with fabulous green foliage, and amazing flowers.

A big thanks to Hayden for modelling our Bat plants here at the nursery. Zoom zoom. These are plant collectors dream plants.

If you're wondering why there's no Cyclamen in your local nursery this week, it's because I bought them all.

I might have had a stroke, because every time a grower sent me their availability list, and it had Cyclamen, I bought them.

We've had trucks turning up here full of Cyclamen. The drivers want to know what's happening? "Is it Cyclamen week or something?"

We've had to move things around, and then more turn up. I've had to tell the staff, "that's it", several times, and then another truck turns up.

I'm still not sure if that's really it. But wow they look fabulous, maybe it is Cyclamen Week? It could be "Cyclamen Month".

We've got them growing outside in the cold. They love it. I've never seen happier Cyclamen.
Do you want one? What about 50?
I might let you buy one.
They're mine, they're all mine.
(Plants from $18.99.)

I just walked past this Camellia sasanqua and it had the most amazing fragrance. Camellias aren't famous for their fragrance, like Gardenias are. But if you stopped to smell this Camellia sasanqua called "Beatrice Emily" you'd be wanting to buy one.

Camellias love rich organic soil and lots of water.
They grow the best in suburbs that have good soil and lots of rain. Suburbs like Turramurra, Cheltenham and Eastwood have fabulous Camellias. The Southern Highlands has beautiful Camellias too.

They have lost popularity in the newer suburbs of Western Sydney. Gardeners plant Lillypillys instead of Camellias, because they grow faster, and they survive better in our terrible clay soils.

But they can be grown here successfully. But you can't just dig a hole and hope for the best. Poor drainage will have your Camellias dropping leaves, and dropping dead, or they will just sit there and do nothing.

You need to bring soil in to get them to grow. Simply add 100mms of Garden mix on top of the clay then dig Tim's Cow Manure into this to add fertiliser and friendly bacteria. Mulch around your Camellias with Sugarcane and keep them well watered.

Camellia sasanquas are perfect for hedging. They can be trimmed to any height or width. They are long lived and almost pest free. They flower through autumn. They get covered in flowers. Some have a nice fragrance too.

We have a great range of Camellias here now, from $19.99. They can be grown in pots using Tim's Best Potting Mix. The later flowering Camellias, that flower through winter, are called Camellia japonica. We have those too. They have bigger leaves and bigger flowers.

Camellias are going to look amazing this season, because we had a wet summer. Camellias love water. That's why this beauty, in the photo, is looking so good. Check it out, it's next door at the Colonial Motor Inn.

This isn't about Macdonald's, this story is about us.
Maccas recently gave their Woodbine store a makeover. They changed the store all around, they put new chairs and tables inside and made everything face the drive thru.

We don't get out of the car anymore.
Isn't that interesting.

They landscaped the gardens again. Just about everything Kenny Tagg planted got pulled out, but they kept the Dwarf Nandinas. They still look great. What an amazing plant. I'm pretty sure they'd grow on the moon.

Native plants have been planted everywhere else.
Lots of Westringia and Native grasses. I looked for trees, I couldn't find any. The carpark garden that should have a shade tree, has four native grasses.

The fear of trees is real. They are messy, they drop leaves. They grow taller than us. They could fall on you. But carparks need trees, don't they?
Come on Maccas, be brave.
P.S I planted two trees and they both disappeared.

Happy gardening