Why Do My Cyclamen Always Die? - Apr 15, 2024

Dear gardening friends

It's getting cold at night, that must mean it's time to buy a Cyclamen. Yes I know you've killed them before, but that's because Cyclamen love the cold. They are actually outdoor plants, not indoor plants, as you've been led to believe.

Cyclamen are corms they grow through autumn and winter, then when spring comes they often die down and go to sleep. But if you grow them outside where they get morning sun, and then shade, they often flower right through summer too.

When you buy a Cyclamen they need to be repotted into a bigger pot straight away. I've just potted 50 Cyclamen up here into 200 mm pots using Tim's Best Potting Mix. They will double in size in the next couple of weeks and we will sell them for Mother's Day.

We are growing them outside in the cold where they belong. If you grow them inside they often drop dead within a few weeks. This happens because you have a heater going inside your house and this makes the Cyclamen think spring is coming, and they go to sleep.

The leaves start to droop, you think it must need more water, you water it, the plant doesn't use the water because it's going to sleep, the corm rots and the leaves totally collapse and the plant dies. I bet some of you have killed at least 10 Cyclamen in your lives.

But the secret is you have to use Tim's Best Potting mix. Get your 200mm pot out of our pot recycling bin in the carpark. They are free.

Pot it up, water well, then put it on a patio where it gets the morning sun only. Water it just as the leaves droop.

You will be amazed how big it grows, you'll be amazed how many flowers it gets. Your love for Cyclamen will return. Cyclamen love the cold, they love it.

I heard Greg yell out my name this morning.
"Hey Timmy". But it wasn't until 20 minutes later that he sat himself down beside me at King Of The Pack.

He smelt good. "Wow Greg you smell nice today" Was my welcoming. "That's not me, that's the donuts, do you want one?"

Greg didn't know but Donuts are my weakness. Especially the sugar and cinnamon variety that have been freshly cooked. They were so fresh they were still hot. Greg knows exactly when to turn up at Campbelltown mall. That's his Super power.

After firstly refusing, I decided to take one, it tasted so good I ate another. Greg ate them even faster than me. He's obviously been in training. We had a nice chat, I was writing a story, he helped me spell Cootamundra.

Greg and I have become friends since I helped him repot his Frangipani. It's taken off now it's growing in a bigger pot, using Tim's Best Potting mix.

I ask Greg what's the time? He has an Apple Watch and he knows how to use it. He shows me that he's walked 2.7kms already, and that's just walking to get the Donuts!!!! He's got a heart beat of 72. This bugger is going to outlive me.
I eat another Donut.

Have I told you about my family tree? My family tree is a real tree and it's growing in Memorial Park in Junee. It's been growing in this park for 80 years.

Today Junee Council put a plaque here so the family and the community have come together to celebrate.

The English Oak tree has a story.
My dad's twin brother Peter Pickles can remember picking up 28 Acorns from under a tree in Wagga Wagga. The two boys Peter and Ron planted the Acorns in their parents garden.

One of the acorns grew into a skinny sapling. On Arbour Day in 1943 citizens of Junee were invited to bring down roses and plants from their own gardens to be planted in Memorial Park.

Alfred Pickles decided to donate the boys English Oak tree. Peter Pickles remembers helping the Mayor, Alderman WJ Hobbin, who was also the Methodist Minister, to plant it.

The Boys Band played live music.
Peter and Ron were in the band too.
Alfred was the Band Master.

The English Oak has grown 30 metres wide and 15 metres high. It's thriving because the water from all the houses up the hill, all flows here.

We had a nice time, my uncle Peter was surprised how many people turned up. He made a nice speech. He's 93. He remembers everything.
My dad's here too.

I had breakfast at Junee Licorice and Chocolate Factory last Sunday. The place was absolutely packed but I've managed to make it look like a ghost town.

This was an old mill but it got transformed into this amazing business. Now half the kids in Junee work or have worked here. It's a real success story.

All the Licorice and chocolate products are made here. They are sold in boutique cafes all around country. You may have see this stuff for sale at The Long Track Cafe in Jugiong.

The Junee Licorice Factory is a must see. The building is magnificent but so is the landscaping. They have made little garden rooms where you can sit with friends and enjoy breakfast or lunch. The food is amazing and it's great value.

The Olive trees at the entrance had Olives growing on them. This photo reminds me of Matilda and you'd expect to find Miss Agatha Trunchbull in here hurling kids around, But you don't.

Everything is so beautifully presented. The designer and maker of this place has an eye for theatre.

There's old arty things hanging everywhere.
It's worth a visit, get the Chocolate coated Almonds. Get some for me too. I'll swap you for Tim's Best Potting Mix.

Our nursery is looking spectacular this week.
Come for a walk, it will make you feel good.
Autumn is the best season to garden.

Happy gardening