Tim’s Cow Manure Is Back In Stock - Apr 07, 2024

Dear gardening friends
Rain is coming, it's autumn, so that means it's time to fertilise your lawn. Our Tim's Rapid Results Lawn Food is turbo charged to turn your grass bright green in 14 days. Best results are always achieved after rain. So come get a bag today or two.

This 4kg bag will feed 260m2.
It's especially made for Buffalo lawns, but you can use it on any type of grass. It will make your grass spread and get so thick, there will be less room for Bindii and Clover.

Bags cost $25.99 or buy 2 for $50.00.
This modern fertilser is coated, so it releases over 3 months. It won't release overnight like Shirley's No17 and wash into our creeks.

You can throw it on by hand, or use a fertiliser spreader. It won't burn your lawn. If you use more, your grass will just grow greener.

Amandeep Singh came in to see me. He's having trouble growing Marigolds in pots, the plants look sick. He shows me a photo. He's kind this guy, I like him straight away.

When people have trouble growing plants they come and see me, or they talk to my staff. Usually they haven't bought the plants or soil from us.
Isn't that interesting.

But I like helping people, I want people to have success. It's in my interest if everyone becomes a gardener.

Amandeep is Sikh, he doesn't cut his hair. He came from India he tells me. He's always loved Marigolds, he had them growing in his garden in India, when he was a kid.

I ask him where he got his potting mix? Turns out he bought Premium Garden mix by the tonne. He's used that as potting mix, it's not suitable for potting mix because it sets like concrete, when used in pots.

I explain this to him, potting mix is much chunkier, this stops it setting like concrete, and it allows the water into the soil. It has better drainage and better soil porosity. Potting mix also contains fertiliser.

I show him the photo of our recent potting mix trial. I want to show him that not all potting mixes are good. Some are just as bad as the Garden mix he bought.

I tell Amandeep that it's not the right time to plant Marigolds. They love warm weather. Plant them in spring and they will flower all spring and summer. You can plant more around Christmas time.

I talk to him about how to use his Garden Mix in his garden and that he will have to add Tim's Cow manure, to make his plants grow. He's very interested, I can tell he's listening to me very seriously.

I want him to be successful. I want him to teach his kids how to grow plants too. It's a life skill, it gets them outside in the fresh air. It makes them put their phones down. They can see and hear nature.
Isn't gardening amazing?

Lemon Scented Myrtle is one of the most amazing native plants. The foliage is full of lemon scented oil, that is anti fungal and antibacterial. Crush some leaves and smell that beautiful lemon fragrance, it's heavenly.

This native rainforest tree is suitable for today's courtyard sized gardens. It grows upright so it won't take up your small yard. Trim the lower branches as it grows, and it will help screen your neighbours.

The creamy white flowers are beautiful too.
The grey foliage is the perfect backdrop for the staminate flowers. The bees love it.
Native birds love the nectar filled flowers too.

It will grow about 4-6 ms high by 3ms wide in 10 years. It can be trimmed to any size. It could also be hedged. It can be grown in a big pot using Native potting mix.

We have beautiful trees in stock today. They are hip height and so bushy. You'll be able to pick leaves to flavour your cooking. It's better than Lemon grass.

It's great with fish dishes and chicken. Two fresh leaves is all you'll need. I can see it going with Anchovies and Capers.
My mouth is watering.

Grab yourself some Lemon Myrtle soap. We sell it here. It's incredible. It's the only soap I use.
Have you seen how young I look?

Wow, have you noticed that Frangipanis are starting to flower again, like it's the start of Summer. The warmer autumn weather has got them thinking that spring has started again.

There's beautiful Frangipanis flowering all over Macarthur. It's been a late season, because they really didn't flower well in summer.

We still have at least 150 Frangipanis here and at least 25 colours. Grow them in pots or gardens.

Put several colours in the one pot and grow a Rainbow tree. You will love the summer and autumn fragrance. They are easy to grow in pots.
Use our Tim's Best Potting mix.

We are taking 25% off the marked price on all our Frangipanis. That's a bargain. We still have red and blue flowering varieties. Zoom zoom.

Im sorry if you missed out on Tim's Cow Manure on the weekend. When Robert Swane came and picked up 20 bags for his own garden we did a Facebook post and subsequently sold out!!!!

We've got fresh stock, it's really fresh, don't leave it in your car overnight. You'll have to sell your car.

Come and see us, it's raining, so it's a great time to fertilise your lawn and gardens. We have umbrellas here. Toughen up.

P.S We have White Flowering Bat Plants in stock.
Shhhhhhhh, these are collectors plants.

Happy gardening