We Are Open All Easter Long weekend - Mar 28, 2024

Dear gardening friends
He might not look like a king, but Robert Swane is Nursery Industry Royalty. His family owned Swanes Nursery in Dural, in its hay day. In those days gardeners drove from all over the state to pick up their rose order in June and July. Swanes owned semi trailers to deliver stock to other nurseries, it was a huge business.

Robert runs his own wholesale nursery with his wife Ruby these days. His wife really runs the nursery and Robert spends all his time in the garden. He absolutely loves gardening, he's got rose bushes everywhere and he's still planting Pansies and Violas he tells me.

Ruby recently bought Robert a tray full of perennial Salvias and Robert thought they looked like the ugliest weediest plants. But then he cut them back, and planted them, and they have grown so bushy and beautiful, and he says they never stop flowering. He's fallen in love with Salvias.

Robert's driven all the way from Dural way today to buy our Tim's Cow Manure. Robert has heard that we are selling real Cow manure so he wants it for his garden. He bought 20 bags.

Robert reminded me that his father, Ben Swane loved Cow Manure too, and he was always talking about its benefits on ABC Radio 702. In those days it was 2BL.

I actually worked at Swanes nursery when I was 20. Robert and I are the same age. We worked together.

We have both survived the nursery industry and Robert was telling me he still loved it. He loves growing flowers. He's very passionate.
When he talks, you can feel it.

Khaled just caught be rescuing a tree in Queen Street. These beautiful Weeping Lilly pillies will need our help to get started. This one especially was really weeping this morning.

The root ball has dried out in the heat, and become hydrophobic. Potting mix is made from recycled Woodchip and when it dries out it's almost impossible to get it wet again.

I've applied Wettasoil and POPUL8 this morning. The Wettasoil will allow the dry soil to accept water again. The POPUL8 contains beneficial bacteria that will help this plant grow new roots.

Trees are like babies, they need our attention to start with. I'll keep an eye on this one.

Mo was sitting out here having a smoke one Sunday in late November, and I was in his Lebanese bakery ordering a Munoosh. I said to Mo's son, who is also called Mo, that I was going to plant a tree for his father to sit under. He laughed.

But I did plant a tree for Mo, I planted a native tree called Melia azedarach. It's sometimes called White Cedar. It has beautiful spotted mauve flowers, that have an amazing perfume.

I've planted over 100 trees, but I've never planted a tree that's grown this fast before. I honestly think Mo will be sitting under it next summer, and he will be in the shade. I can't wait to see that happen.

This tree will grow wide enough to shade all these tables, it will become a meeting place where people can sit to enjoy a Munoosh. In other countries you see people sitting under trees talking to each other.
This sense of community helps people live longer.

If you haven't tried a Munoosh, it's time.
They are open everyday, Yasmin Bakery backs onto the old Spotlight carpark in Campbelltown. Ask for the Tim's Special, I'm not on commission.
You will love it.

I've planted Johnny Jump Up Violas in my pots again. These amazing hardy annuals flower non stop from now right up to September!!!!!

The flowers just make me smile so much. I've got them planted in big pots near my front door and around the BBQ area. They are just so colourful, flowers bring happiness.

I've topped up my pots with Tim's Best Potting mix.
I've mulched with Sugar cane and given it a big drink.
We sometimes forget to mulch our pots. Isn't that strange. We much our gardens, pots need mulch too.

I've planted the seedlings through the mulch.
I've watered them again. I'll water them daily for a couple of weeks to get them started. I've used Snail bait that's safe for pets.

These plants will grow so fast in our Tim's Best Potting mix. I'm so sorry If you live too far away to buy this amazing product. Come for a holiday in Campbelltown for Easter. We are open every day from 9-4pm.

I've used punnets of Johnny Jump up Violas.
Do you remember when everyone bought flowers in punnets? Most people plant Potted Colour these days. We've just become so impatient.
Isn't that funny.

We have seedlings and potted colour here.
Flowers will make your life better.
Flowers make you smile.

I topdressed my Mint with Tim's Best Potting Mix a couple of weeks ago. I cut the Mint back to ground level then covered the pot with Tim's Best Potting mix.

The results are amazing. The Mint has sprouted fresh new growth that's just so healthy and green.
I use this Mint in salads and I also add it to Greek yogurt. It's delicious on Lamb and Chicken. It's great with Curries. I don't make Mint sauce.
Yes I'm a failure.

But Tim's Best Potting mix works miracles.
Topdress all your indoor and outdoor pots today.
You will be amazed how your plants respond.
Autumn is the best time to topdress your plants.
Tims Best Is the best potting mix.

If you're looking for something to do over the Easter Weekend, that's free, come and visit us. When you walk around our nursery it will make you feel good.
Seeing foliage and flowers, is good for us.

Happy gardening