How Did I Grow This Big Broccoli? - Mar 22, 2024

Dear gardening friends
I discovered "Sweets Tree" by accident, I was walking out of Mawson Park and I spotted these amazing treats stacked so high in the shop window. The shops in Browne Street, I thought it must have just opened, but I discovered it's been trading for 14 months.

Today wasn't an accident, I just decided I needed something sweet to make my day. I was looking very bedraggled when I entered the shop. Anas Tadbeer looked me up and down. I'd just walked through an unkept garden and I had Pitch Forks sticking in every part of my body.

I decided I liked Anas straight away. He had a smiling face, he was meeting me for the first time. I selected an assortment of Baklava, he placed them on a beautiful plate for me to take. I started asking him questions.

Anas started the business with his 18 year old son Maek. But he originally started making sweets in Syria when he was 12. Yes they start working young in Syria.

Eventually he moved to Adelaide but now he works here in Campbelltown. His shop is an Aladdin's cave for sweet lovers, some have said it's the best Lebanese/Syrian sweets they have ever had. The Nutella and Biscoff Bird nest treats, looked amazing.

I went for my Baklava favourites.
I'm sharing them with the staff now, it's stops me eating them all myself.

Anas supplies cafes and restaurants all around Sydney with his treats, but they are all made here in Campbelltown. He still loves his work, he's happy that his son loves making sweet treats too.

It's one of their busiest times of the year. These sweet treats are eaten after dark during Ramadan. It's observed by Muslims worldwide as a month of fasting, prayer, reflection and community.

I couldn't wait till dark to eat mine.
They were so fresh, sweet and crunchy.
I'm feeling much better now.
I've picked out a million Pitch forks.

It's time to plant Broccoli. A few years ago I grew the biggest Broccoli heads ever. They were bigger than my head. I've planted my seedlings this week.
You know it's time to plant when it gets colder at night. That means it's autumn!!!

Ive improved my soil first by digging in Tim's Cow manure and Tim's Chicken manure. I've used a bag of each for every 3m2. I've dug this into the soil then leveled it. I've added Garden Lime to sweeten the soil then a dressing of Tim's FAST FOOD Fertiliser. I've covered this with fresh Sugar cane and watered it well.

I waited a week before planting my Broccoli seedlings. We have Broccolini seedlings too.
Ive also planted Cabbage, Cauliflower, Sugar snap peas, Silverbeet, Onions and Carrots. I've got beautiful Lettuce and Leeks that I'm harvesting now.
Don't Forget the Snail bait.

Dust your seedlings with Yates Tomato and Vegetable dust to keep caterpillar's away.
I apply it sparingly once a month.
Come and see us for all your autumn vegetable and flower seedlings. It's the best time to grow things, it's not so hot so they survive better.

Vic came in a couple of weeks ago with these Illawarra Flame trees. He grew them from seeds that we were giving away at the counter. He doesn't have room for the trees so he's bought them in for us to give away.

I potted them up straight away and I can't believe how quickly they've responded. Look how lush the foliage is.

We are going to give these trees away to a local school or maybe a rural fire station. If you think you've got the spot for one let us know.

Vic visits me at least 3 times a week. He likes the free seed give aways that we do here. He took the Pin Oak seeds home recently. We might give them away in the future too.

He chews my ear a bit. I say to the staff we have to be kind to everyone here. Kindness makes everyone feel better. Vic will be off to play the pokies next.
He's a frequent flyer at the clubs.
He tells me about all his wins.

Vic has a beautiful garden in Minto.
It's his pride and joy.
He has trouble bending over now.
Moving is keeping him moving.
Gardens are fabulous for keeping us alive you know.

Tibouchina "Jazzie" is a relatively new variety that doesn't grow as tall as Tibouchina Alstonville.
It also flowers more often, so it could be a better choice if you've fallen in love with the purple flowers.

Tibouchina Jazzie grows about 1.5ms high by 1.5ms wide. It can be pruned and kept smaller. It can grow bigger if your soil is perfect. It was bred to flower more often than Tibouchina Alstonville. It has the same beautiful purple flowers but it also has white stamens. It's just a bit sexier.

The plant gets covered in hundreds of flowers, once it becomes established. It can continue to flower in spring and summer when conditions suit. The purple flowers look fabulous with the dark green foliage.

It's super fast growing so it will grow big enough to hide your ugly colourbond fences in about 18 months.

Improve your soil before planting with Tim's Best Potting mix. It contains slow release fertiliser that will feed your plant for 7 months. Dig it into the soil.

Tibouchinas love water. If you don't water them enough in summer the leaves get burnt and they don't flower so well in autumn.

When we have a wet summer, Tibouchinas really perform and look spectacular. We have the full range of Tibouchinas here at the nursery. We even have the rare pink flowering form called "Kathleen."
We have dwarf varieties too.

Paul Shergold dropped in to talk to me this week.
Paul's a member of Campbelltown Bonsai Club and they are looking for more people to join their club.
The club meets once at month at Curran's Hill.

Paul and other Campbelltown Bonsai Club members will be at Tim's Garden Centre this Saturday from 10am. Bring your Bonsai in if you'd like advice. They will have around 20 Bonsai on display.

Campbelltown Bonsai Club is one of the oldest Bonsai Clubs in Australia. Some members have over 100 Bonsai in their Collections. Paul told me he loves the art form of Bonsai, and they are outdoor plants that love water, especially in summer.

Meet club members this Saturday from 10am.
They are very nice people I've been invited to speak to the club at numerous meetings. You'll learn so much. It would be a nice family to join.

Some very exciting news for plant lovers!!!!
We've got a new Grevillea here that will make the birds in your life, so much happier. It's called Grevillea "Aphrodites Dream".

It's part of the "Dream Series" of new Grevilleas, that have been bred at Kings Park Botanic Garden.

There's a famous plant breeder over there called Digby Growns. What a great name for a plant breeder!!! He and his team are breeding some of the most exciting plants on the planet. They are Australian Native plants that happen to flower all year round.

"Aphrodite's Dream" grows fence height in just a few years so it will hide your ugly colourbond fence. You'll be seeing foliage and flowers, you'll be hearing birds talking to each other. You might hear them talking to you too. These birds will visit you several times a day. Your backyard will become a sanctuary for wildlife.

We have 20 plants only. They are nice bushy plants covered in flowers now. They can be pruned and shaped with a hedge trimmer if you've got limited room. They actually love being pruned.

Plants cost $35.99. They would make amazing floral gifts because they are covered in flowers now.

We expect these to sell out fast. We have other Grevilleas here that have been bred by Digby.
Yes we are on first names now.
He calls me Timmy.

Happy gardening