What’s The Best Red Rose Ever? - Mar 15, 2024

Dear gardening friends
Just arrived Mr Lincoln Rose bushes!!!!!!
This fragrant red rose was first released in the 1960s. Yes it's that old it's vintage/retro, but it's still the best selling red rose today. Long stemmed roses that have amazing fragrance.

We also have some of your other favourites here like Just Joey, Blue Moon, Double Delight, Peace, Gold Bunny, Friesia, Perfume Delight and Fragrant Plum.
I can see your noses are getting excited.

We've just top dressed these potted Roses with Tim's Best Potting Mix. It's going to make these roses bloom more through autumn. Top dress your potted plants now too.

Potted Roses cost $39.99.
They make great gifts.
They are covered in fresh new growth and lots of buds.

Hayden and I had a laugh this week. A customer was telling him, that she doesn't buy our Tim's Cow Manure because it smells too much.
Isn't that interesting.

Our Tim's Cow Manure smells so much because it's cow manure. If you buy Cow manure it should be brown not black. If your Cow manure is black, it's not Cow manure.

What's happening is, suppliers are mixing recycled Greenwaste with Cow manure, and they are calling it "Composted Cow Manure". It's 75% Greenwaste and 25% Cow manure. It's black instead of brown and it's full of wood and sticks.

Because it's only 25% Cow manure it doesn't smell like Cow Manure. It smells like Recycled Green waste. It smells like the garbage tip.

It only has 25% of the goodness of real cow manure. It has less than 1% nitrogen, basically you are wasting your time. You are getting ripped off.

But it doesn't smell.
Yes it doesn't smell for a reason.
Isn't that interesting.

I planted this tree in Campbelltown Colonial Motor Inn. There's a lot of disadvantaged people living in the Motel while they are waiting to be relocated into permanent housing. It really is a crisis.

But I park my car in here every day in a shady spot and I noticed a vacant spot here that really needed a beautiful shade tree. All the units look down into this area so I was thinking how nice it would be if they looked out onto greenery.

I asked the manager if he would mind if I planted a tree. He was happy so I planted a Brachychiton "Jerilderie Red". It's an evergreen native tree that was found growing in Jerilderie. You can only grow it by grafting it onto a Kurrajong tree or an Illawarra Flame tree. We've grafted about 50 here at the nursery.

This evergreen fast growing tree is heat and cold resistant, it's also drought tolerant. It's the perfect tree for this dry spot. I've been keeping it alive, don't you worry.

Trees make such a difference to our lives.
They attract birds and nature so you get to hear sounds that make us feel better.

When it reaches its full height of around 8 metres it will fill this space with amazing green foliage. At Christmas time it gets covered in red Christmas bell like flowers for about 3 months.

The Currawong love the corn like seeds.
Apparently early settlers crushed these seeds to brew what they called coffee. It would have been as rough as guts!

I love planting trees in places where they can be enjoyed by everyone. You'll be able to sit under this shady tree. It will become a meeting place.

It's an extra room for these people. It will take time.
I'm not planting trees for today. Positive people plant trees, negative people chop them down.

I took the dog for a walk before the sun came up this morning. It was so much cooler last night, I just slept so much better. Autumn is finally coming, summer has dragged on too long for me. Our gardens don't like this heat and humidity either.

While I was walking the dog, I started to dream about a Curry. If I make it now, it will be cooking all day in the Slow cooker. I had the ingredients ready to go, why not?

This is so easy to make. You'll need 4 x Lamb Grillers. Remove the fat and cut them up. You could dust the pieces in flour. I didn't. Chuck them into the Slow cooker.

Then add the following ingredients chopped up.
Eggplants, Onion, Celery, Leek, Tomatoes x 4, Garlic, Mint (from the garden), Anchovies x 3, Pink salt and lots of Pepper. 2 x Cans of Tomatoes. I've used the big can.

I use 2x table spoons of Greenvalley Spices Malaysian Curry. It's not hot. If you want it hot add a Chilli. I don't like hot Curries.

Cook all day on high for 8 hours. Fish out the bones tonight then add a can of Coconut cream. Stir this in and serve with rice.

I also make a yogurt and cucumber side dish, add a big dollop of this on top.
It cools down the curry.
But this Curry isn't hot.

This will serve 6 people at least.
My boys have it for lunches during the week.
They are big eaters.

It's time to garden now. Cooler nights means it's time to plant Broccoli, Cabbage, Cauliflower, Silverbeet, Spinach, Lettuce, Leeks, Onions, Peas, Snow peas etc.

You need to dig Tim's Cow Manure into your soil first. Cover with Sugar cane. Plant your seedlings through the mulch and water twice daily for the first week. Don't forget the snail bait, we have the pet friendly variety.

You can grow vegetables in big pots too.
Use our Tim's Best Potting mix.

As the plants grow dust them with Yates Tomato and Vegetable dust, to control caterpillars. Use it every four weeks. It's brilliant and safe to use.

Enjoy my Curry.
Don't forget the Anchovies!!!!'
P.S It was delicious 10/10.

There's a plague of Caterpillars eating lawns throughout Macarthur. You'll wake up and your lawn will be gone! Yes gone!
It's not a joke.

If we get a wet summer Army worms hatch in record numbers, and they eat your lawn at night. There are so many of them, you won't believe it. They hide during the day under the grass. At night they devour your lawn.

You can spray them, we have sprays here that work. I can't tell you which one, because they are selling so fast, as we run out of one, we switch to the next best product.

If you don't wish to spray, you can fertilise with Tim's Rapid Results Lawn Food and your grass will grow back. Yes we have all the answers.
We are here for you.

Happy gardening