“And My Lawn Just Disappeared” - Mar 08, 2024

Dear gardening friends

You're going to see these flowering all over Sydney this week. It's Tibouchina Alstonville. It was originally sold as a shrub but it actually grows into a tree. I love how the beautiful purple flowers go so beautifully with this White House.

Tibouchina Alstonville was bred by a famous nurseryman in Alstonville called Ken Dunstan. He donated hundreds of trees to his local council so Alstonville is now famous for his beautiful purple flowering trees.

Tibouchinas love water, so they always flower better when we've had a wet summer. They flower off new growth so when it rains the trees get covered in flowers. When it's a dry summer they don't perform so well and the foliage gets burnt.

They grow about 4-6 ms high by 3 metres wide but they actually look much better if they are pruned back every spring. Keeping them bushy means they get more flowers.

I had lady come in yesterday who was wearing pants this colour. I asked her if she was a "Purple Person". There is a tribe of Purple People who only wear purple. The lady I spoke to wasn't from this tribe, but her sister was, she informed me.

We have a great range of Tibouchinas in the nursery today. We also have Tibouchina Jazzie which grows smaller and flowers more often. It's a win win.
If you're a Purple Person you've probably already got one, if not, dress up for us please.

Trees are being planted in Queen Street. It's a good choice, Waterhousea floribunda. Commonly called the Weeping Lilly pilly. I've been asking for more trees to be planted here for a long time, it's happening.

These are native rainforest trees so they will cope with the full sun/part sun position here. They will grow big enough to make a difference to the street scape.

They are pollution resistant, there's a bit of smoke here. Bees avoid this place at the moment, but when these trees bloom in late spring the trees will be full of nature. Nature is coming to Queen Street.

The horrendous timber decking has been removed. More trees and umbrellas are coming I've heard.

I'm hoping there will be a border of sandstone around the trees to keep the soil and mulch in place.

It's just the beginning.
I can already see people sitting near the trees in deep conversations. There's a community here. They meet here at different times during the day discussing life and catching up with friends.

There's millionaires and homeless people here, all sitting side by side helping each other by just being together. I come here to watch. I drink my coffee then head to work. 15 minutes here will make you feel better.

Yes there's smoke and you'll see things that will shock you. But there is order here. Khaled is the unofficial Mayor of Queen street. He's the peace maker, he's watching everything.

I nearly brought him a jar of honey this morning.
But if I bring him a jar I have to bring Jeff one too. I've told him, he says my honey is the best.
"Because it's free" he laughs.

The trees will grow. I'll keep an eye on them.
More nature is coming to Queen street.
I can feel more happiness already.

When my son Dan was little, he'd come home from kindy with a pocket full of rocks and seeds. Anything he found, got hidden away. He always had a pocket full of treasure.

We would hear it rattling around in the washing machine that night.

Yesterday I was driving down Cawdor Rd in Camden, and I saw treasure hanging from an English Oak tree. I stopped the Pajero and started filling up my pockets.

English Oak Trees are incredibly easy to grow from these beautiful seeds. Simply lay them down on top of Tim's Best Potting mix, and they will sprout within a month or two.

Once they sprout, pot them up into 140mm pots. Grow them on through spring, then pot them up into 200mm pots. (Pots in our recycling bin)

By summer they will be ready to plant out in your local park or playground. Donate them to your local school. Your church might need a shade tree. The birds and nature will love you.

We are giving acorns away here at the nursery.
It's autumn so it's the perfect time to plant them.
Your children might like to grow a tree from seed.
It's magical.

I just got done for speeding, I'm blaming a tree.
I was driving through Menangle and this beautiful Cape Chestnut tree caught my eye. I was thinking "I wonder if any of the seed pods have fallen in the gutter".

I look up, and there's lights flashing across the road, I keep driving, until I notice the Police car is now doing a U turn. Could it possibly be chasing me? Did I forget to stop at the stop sign?

It was looking for me, I pull over.
A tiny policewoman gets out of her BMW.
She looks Swedish. (I'm being kind, she actually looked Russian)
Hello I say, it's always nice to be polite.

She fines me, I was speeding.
It's only 50 in Menangle.
Slow down and look at the trees!!!

There's a plague of Caterpillars eating lawns throughout Macarthur. You'll wake up and your lawn will be gone! Yes gone!
It's not a joke.

If we get a wet summer Army worms hatch in record numbers, and they eat your lawn at night. There are so many of them, you won't believe it. They hide during the day under the grass. At night they devour your lawn.

You can spray them, we have sprays here that work. I can't tell you which one, because they are selling so fast, as we run out of one, we switch to the next best product.

If you don't wish to spray, you can fertilise with Tim's Rapid Results Lawn Food and your grass will grow back. Yes we have all the answers.
We are here for you.

Happy gardening