How Do You Make Eggs Valentino? - Mar 01, 2024

Dear gardening friends

This just made me smile. Mark Fitzpatrick was standing under a tree outside his Realestate business in Camden. Mark doesn't know that I planted this Jacaranda tree about 5 years ago.

The garden had been empty for at least 2 years so I contacted the owner and asked him if he would mind if I planted a shade tree.

It has to be a Jacaranda he told me, it's a council requirement. Yes he contacted Camden Council.
They were in love with Jacarandas at the time.
I love them too.

The tree looks spectacular today. It just makes Mark's business look much more welcoming. It made me feel good too. That's what happens when you plant trees.

I've been back several times to prune it.
You don't usually prune Jacarandas but this one got butchered early on. It's taken a bit of work to fix it. I wanted customers to be able to see in the windows.

There must have been a sales meeting at Ray White Realestate this morning. Everyone had their yellow ties on. Everyone looked Spick and Span.
Shoes may even have been polished.

There's an abandoned Indian Restaurant in Camden and I've often noticed the beautiful Curry Leaf Tree growing in the backyard. The foliage is steamed and then added to Curry dishes in India and Sri Lanka.

It's grows into a beautiful small tree with fern like foliage. It has white flowers followed by red berries.
It's surprising easy to grow and the one at Camden survives on rainwater only now that it's established.

It could also be grown in a large pot using Tim's Best Potting mix. It likes a warm sunny spot. It can be pruned and then eaten. How good is that. We have beautiful plants for $21.99.

Share this story with your culinary friends.
Let them know that Moringa is back in stock too.

I made Eggs Valentino this morning, it's so easy to make and so delicious. Have you made this before?
Slice an onion very thinly, you'll need about 4 slices max. Add cut up bacon, add garlic and a handful of black olives. Fry this down in some Olive oil.

Now add canned tomatoes. I used half a can.
Put the lid on and cook for 10 minutes.
Now crack an egg in the sauce, cover with a lid and put your toast in the toaster.
Serves one hungry person.

This is so simple but you won't believe how delicious it tastes. Dip your toast in the sauce while you're waiting for it to cool. I'm working hard in the garden today so I need a big breakfast.

Isn't this a beautiful building. I was a bit cranky when Campbelltown Council sold this block of land. But the new building fits perfectly into the landscape. ( Turns out Council has rented them the land not sold it ).

It's also been beautifully landscaped with native trees like Lemon Myrtles, so it's only going to look more beautiful in the future.
It even has a rooftop garden.

Wouldn't it be amazing if this became the new standard for commercial buildings and units in Campbelltown. Congratulations GenesisCare.
Welcome to Campbelltown.

PS The Architect contacted me, he was so happy to see my story. The building is actually amazing.
It's got the highest energy efficiency rating, they make 40% of their own energy and all the water is recycled and used on site, to water the gardens.

Theres more to come, they are developing the Library too, which is being moved into the old Spotlight building on Queen Street.

I had a funny experience at Maccas last Wednesday. I was coming out of the toilet and this guy was smiling at me, this isn't going where you think it's going. He put his hand out and wanted to shake my hand.

I don't do handshakes, after I've washed my hands. I don't like the thought of putting my wet hand on theirs. But he insisted.

It turns out he follows me on Facebook. He loves trees like me, he has a garden full of trees, you can't see his house from the street he told me.

He was nice, we got talking. He's not very happy with me, he's got good friends who live on the Central coast and others who live in Wollongong. He can't visit them anymore without getting an order for Tim's Best Potting mix. They ring him and put their orders in.

I'm so sorry I told him, I hope you're not out of pocket. "No way, I charge them for it".
We had a laugh.

Maccas Woodbine has been refurbished.
I've seen this place get makeovers at least 4 times since I've been in Campbelltown.

But It needs more trees.
Us tree lovers notice the lack of shade.

Happy gardening