Free Tree Seeds!!!! - Feb 23, 2024

Dear gardening friends

Hayden and I got up early this morning and we went to the Nursery Industry Market day. With the internet, you don't really have to go now.

But we turned up and saw people who we've known for ever, they were happy to see us.
We were happy to see them too.
We saw their plants, so many beautiful plants.

We saw James, he grows the biggest African Violets in the world. We just had to buy some. He was smiling so much. He misses us. I almost got a hug.

I asked him what was his secret? How can he grow African Violets this big????
"There's no secret" he told me.
He was laughing, why would he give up his secrets?

If you've grown African Violets then you'll know they can be temperamental. They love bright light near a window. If it gets the morning sun they will flower better.

We have these amazing African Violets here now.
They would make great gifts. Buy a ceramic pot and we will repot them for you at no cost using Tim's Best Potting mix.

Wow you have to bring your nose to our nursery this weekend to smell our Biblical Jasmine. This rare collectors plant is back in stock. It's got numerous names including Jasminum sambac, Jasminum kingianum and "Grand Duke of Tuscany". It's the longest flowering Jasmine.

This semi climbing plant can also be grown as a shrub. We've got one growing in a pot here and it hasn't stopped flowering since early spring. We used Tim's Best Potting mix.

Biblical Jasmine has the most beautiful perfume and gorgeous lush green leaves. It grows in full sun or semi shade. You must have one.
Come see.

I was driving past Camden's Produce Market and I noticed a couple walking in. I wasn't going to stop, but then I saw these shady trees, and I thought why don't l have a look. Shady car parks make you want to stop. Isn't that Interesting.

Anyway, as I got out of my car I noticed the elderly couple who had been walking into the markets were now on the way back. "What happened" I asked them?
"It's too hot, they replied, and we don't have hats."

You know I'd be happy to donate trees for this market. I've actually planted numerous trees here that are all growing beautifully, but the ones that really needed to be kept, got pulled out and they disappeared.

Somebody thought the grass was more important than the shady trees. What a shame.

If this market was under the shade of trees more people would come. They would feel more comfortable, and they'd stay longer.

I'm still happy to plant more trees here.
I'd donate them for free.
I'd even water them.

The market should look like the carpark.
What do you think?

We are giving away Pin Oak seeds so you can grow a tree. Pin Oaks or Quercus palustris are fast growing deciduous trees that are pollution resistant.

They grow into beautiful shade trees that are perfect for street trees or parks. We are giving two seeds away to every customer.

Simply sit your seeds on top of Tim's Potting mix. Keep it just moist and the seeds should sprout during autumn. Once they sprout, and have two leaves, pot them up into bigger pots. They can grow 60cms in a year.

Once they grow donate them to your local school or sporting club. They are amazing shade trees. They have spectacular autumn foliage.
They will help shade the world.
Your kids might like this.

Happy gardening