“Little Rubys” 2 For $20.00! - Feb 16, 2024

Dear gardening friends

Hayden grows these Alternanthera "Little Rubys" for us. They are fabulous border plants that stay nice and compact. You need about 4 plants per metre.
You can trim them to any height or width.
They are easy to grow, they love the sun.

We've got them on special this week 2 for $20.00.
They are usually $18.99 each. So that's a bargain.
They are loving this hot humid weather, it makes them grow faster. So it's a great time to plant them.

Improve your soil by digging in Tim's Cow Manure.
This helps break down the clay and fertilises your plants too. Tims Cow Manure is real Cow manure.

You might laugh at that, but most Cow Manure isn't Cow manure anymore. It's called Composted Cow Manure. That means it's 75% Green waste and 25% Cow manure. It's black instead of brown, and full of sticks and wood.

The "Little Rubys" will sell out fast at 2 for $20.00.
You can ring and pay over the phone and we will put them aside for you 46267022.

We have this amazing tree growing in our garden. It's called a Pink Silk Floss Tree. It's sometimes called The Kapok Tree too. It has these amazing pink flowers through late summer and autumn.
It's not a tree you find in nurseries.

It was planted in our garden by mistake. The planter had no idea how big it grew, or it wouldn't have been planted beside our Sydney Red Gum. It's grown up through the Gum tree as straight as an arrow.

The tree looks prehistoric, it has a swollen green trunk, that is covered in thorns. You could never climb this tree, and if you did, you'd have to be rescued. It's worse than a rose bush. The thorns are huge.

But there's still something about this tree that makes me want to grow one. We've collected seeds from the avocado like fruit that burst open full of kapok. It's a fluffy like substance that could be used to pack pillows. The seeds are hidden inside this protection.

We've tried to grow them from seed without success. We've tried to grow it from cuttings too. I've heard Glenmore House has one growing in their garden. It's huge.

I'm guessing it came from Madagascar.
But I'm only guessing.

It's worth checking out. Drive through our carpark into next door. It's on the left. You'll see the flowers on the floor. It's pretty spectacular.
It's amazing.

Does your vegetable garden look like mine?
Summer is coming to an end and so are my vegetables. I've had fabulous Tomatoes, Cucumbers and Eggplant but they have finished now.

What do you do next?

Pull everything out and put it in your compost bin. Then apply Tim's Cow Manure and Tim's Chicken manure to your soil. I use one bag of each for every 3m2. Then I turn the soil over with a long handled shovel and break up the clods.

Then I add Tim's FAST FOOD Fertiliser. Cover this with fresh Sugar cane, water it, then let the soil rest for a couple of weeks. Autumn planting season starts in March but it's time to prepare your garden now.

I was absolutely amazed how many earth worms are in my soil. If you don't have worms it means you don't have enough compost in your soil.

Tim's Cow manure and Tim's Chicken manure will add the compost and it will also attract worms from your neighbours gardens. Word will get out that your garden is a better place to live.
Worms talk.

I cooked the most amazing Rack of Lamb recently, yes I won the lottery and decided to spoil the family. My mum cooked it for me the week before and I realised that I've only eaten this once before. It was at a Restaurant in Avalon, which is no longer there, and I can still remember how delicious it was.

I got my Rack from Ingleburn Best Meat. I've only just discovered them. You have to ask. It's not something they have in the window. This is for special occasions.

I cut my Rack of lamb into three pieces. I had no idea that this is how chops come, they are still joined together.

I coated them with a marinade I made using Soy Sauce, Rosemary from the garden (chopped fine), Honey, Garlic, Seed Mustard, Pink Salt and fresh ground Pepper. Rub it into the meat with your hands.
Wash them first please.

Bake in the oven at 180* for 30 minutes.
Don't over cook them, they taste better pink.
Cut down the bone to check if they are cooked.

Serve with oven roasted potatoes and pumpkin.
I use Hummus instead of gravy or Mint Sauce.
Have you tried Hummus with Lamb?
It's amazing.

There's no Anchovies in this dish.
That's amazing too. You can use this recipe just on chops and grill them.

I'm not just a slow cooker.
I'm a fast cooker too.

P.S I fertilised my Rosemary plant which is growing in a big pot with Tim's Cow Manure recently. The results have been spectacular. Soft new growth that is full of flavour. Fertilise your potted plants with Tim's Cow Manure now.
Just mulch the top with it.

"The Tree Of Life" is back in stock. This tree is only talked about in whispers. Customers who ask for it are almost always foreign. They look around nervously, they almost expect you to say no, and we usually do. But today we have it.

My good friend Andrew grows this amazing plant.
He grows other collector plants too.
But "The Tree of Life" is the most sought after.

It's sometimes called the Horseradish Tree or Moringa. Every part of this plant is edible, even the roots. It's suppose to have magical properties, I know they disappear quickly, so that must be another of its properties.

It's a deciduous tree in our climate. It likes a warm place protected from heavy frost. It can be grown in a pot using Tim's Best Potting mix. It does get fragrant white flowers. The fruit are called Drum sticks because of their shape and they are edible too.

Don't eat the label or the pot. I munched on the leaves of one yesterday expecting a miracle, nothing happened, I'm still here. I've just read that you're suppose to cook it first!!!!

Plants cost $19.99. Limit one per customer sorry. People with split personalities can buy two. Make sure you use Tim's Best Potting mix.
It's magical too.

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Happy gardening