I Found A Secret Garden? - Jan 26, 2024

Dear gardening friends
I came across this garden while I was walking the dog. It's not where I live, it's in the city.
A gardener lives here.
Possibly a painter?

This tiny garden has been expertly arranged so all the plants fit beautifully in the landscape.

The star of the show is an Angel Trumpet tree which is in full bloom. Such a spectacular tree, but every part of this tree is poisonous so it creates fear. But I'm sure this almost retro lamp shade like tree, hasn't poisoned anyone in 20 years.
( We have these)

Bromeliads are used for foliage colour and theatre. They are just so easy to grow, we've almost stopped selling them. Take a piece and plonk it in the garden.
They grow.

Crotons are used for their colourful foliage too. They probably wouldn't survive in Macarthur gardens. They might survive in pots on warm patios. Here they are thriving in the ground.

Medinilla is a plant you don't find in nurseries. That's it with the pink flowers. We've got these. They are surprisingly hardy.
We've over wintered them here at the nursery and they seem to flower almost year round. The big green leathery leaves are beautiful too.

There's Tropical Rhododendrons here and Hydrangeas of course. This garden is just so interesting and beautiful and just so tiny.

I wanted to meet the owner.
I was too frightened to knock.
They don't know me.
I'm just a stranger with a big slobbering dog.

Cooper came in with his Grandparents yesterday. Grandma was telling me that he follows me on Facebook and he'd especially love to get his photo taken with me. His sister wasn't interested. People often find me disappointing in real life.

Cooper loves succulents.
His grandma is teaching him how to garden, it's such an important life skill.

I'm often surprised how little some people know about gardening "Do I have to take the plants out of the pots before I plant them?" Always makes me laugh.

Cooper will know the answer to that question, hopefully he will learn how to grow vegetables too. This is how I started out, "from little things, big things grow".
Nice meeting you Cooper.

This made me smile this morning. I planted this Ivory Curl Tree in a carpark a couple of years ago. I watered it for several months to get it growing.
It's burst into bloom this week and it's looking spectacular!!!!!

Ivory Curl Trees are fast growing native rainforest trees that just happen to grow beautifully in Sydney too.

When I planted these I wasn't sure how they would cope with the hot dry conditions here in Macarthur and the cooler winter temperatures. But they have thrived.

These ivory coloured flowers are full of nectar, they smell like honey, the native birds and the bees love the flowers.

This fast growing tree has the most beautiful foliage too. The new growth is coppery coloured.

Campbelltown Council staff mulched these gardens recently and I'm sure that's helped them grow so much better. They aren't competing with the weeds now.

Ivory Curl Trees are botanically known as Buckinghamia celsissima.
They grow about 4ms high by 3ms wide in 10 years. They make amazing street trees. The Lorikeets love the nectar filled flowers. When they get on the juice they almost sound drunk with excitement.

If we planted more of these in the city we would fill the place with nature. Nature makes us feel good.

We have these trees in stock today for $29.99. They are beautiful and tall.

Nicole de Silva sent me this photo of her dwarf Crepe Myrtle. This is the variety called "Enduring Summer Red". We've tried many dwarf Crepe Myrtles over the years but this is the best.

"Enduring Summer Red" has these beautiful red flowers for 100 days over summer. If you remove the spent flowers it will get new growth and flower again.

It grows about fence height so it's perfect for screening ugly fences.
It grows super fast and they are easy to grow. They love the heat.

We have this amazing Dwarf Crepe Myrtle in stock today. Plants cost just $19.99. That's a bargain. Do hurry because we will pot them on soon, and that will make them more expensive.

Happy gardening