It Smells So Good In Summer!!! - Jan 19, 2024

Dear gardening friends
OMG these have been so hard to find. It's the Dwarf Crepe Myrtle called "Enduring Summer Red". This is a beautiful shrub!!!!!!

This is the best dwarf Crepe Myrtle, and it can be grown in pots or gardens. It only grows shoulder height, and it has these spectacular red flowers for 100 days!!!!!!

We have beautiful plants in flower for just $19.99. These are worth a long drive. Limited stock so get moving. Buy some Tim's Best Potting Mix if you're growing it in a pot.

This old house in Hill street Camden came up on Facebook. It's a before and after photo. You can see what a difference a garden with trees makes to this house. It makes a beautiful house look even more beautiful.

A lot of new homeowners don't plant trees, because they want everyone to see their big house. They don't realise that a big house looks even better when it's framed by shade trees.
This photo shows what a difference shrubs and trees make. Check it out. I think this is the most beautiful house in Macarthur.

I came across this amazing setting, in a book shop in Manly, called Desire books and records. I realised if I sat in this chair with a book, I'd look 100% smarter than I really am.

The book I picked up had a great retro cover, it was The Complete Adventures of Blinky Bill. I started reading it, and decided pretty quickly that I had to buy it. It's thick.
It might take me a while.
It's second hand, maybe even more hands than that.

When I proudly told my mum that I'd bought a book, she wanted to know which book?
Blinky Bill, I replied.
"Oh, I have got a least two copies of that, I've got the original". It might be hand written, my mum's 91.

P.S Check out the Crocs!!!!

Im loving the summer fragrances in the nursery.
We have Frangipanis flowering here in pots and in the garden. It's a great time to plant Frangipanis, we have over 40 varieties. You can make your own fragrant "Rainbow Tree" by planting several colours in the one big pot. They look great together, and they are easy to grow in a sunny spot.

Use our Tim's Best Potting mix for the best results. We had a customer drive all the way from Dubbo last week to buy 60 bags of Tim's Best Potting mix. It really is worth the drive.
We have big pots here that will be the perfect size for your Rainbow Tree.

I was driving through Gregory Hills recently and noticed so many hedges planted using Murraya. It's often called Orange Jessamine or Orange Jasmine. Wow now that I think about it, this plant gets called so many names. "That perfumed green plant".

Well this glossy green shrub is so easy to grow, and with houses getting closer and closer, it makes a fabulous hedge, that can be trimmed to any height or width. It's amazing.

It loves the warmer weather and you'll see it flowering now all around Macarthur. You might not see it, but you will certainly smell it. The tiny white flowers do look like citrus flowers, but they have twice the perfume.

They always burst into flower after rain. They flower off new growth, so if you're pruning your hedge all the time, you might not see it flower ever.

But in summer, and if you've been away for Christmas holidays you'll come back to find your hedge covered in these highly perfumed white flowers.

They grow surprisingly quickly, and they will quickly form a hedge, even if you plant them one metre apart.

Lightly prune them right from the start, and you will trick them into growing faster. Remove the growing tip, and it will shoot at least two new leaders. This makes it grow twice as fast and twice as bushy.

They will grow in full sun or part shade. They will grow in most soils, but if you bring in garden mix to improve drainage and add some Tim's Cow Manure they will be green and healthy most of the year.

We sell this fabulous plant, we sell heaps of them, we know you love it. It's become a bit like Sauvignon blanc, some people are going to poo poo it. But everyone should love shrubs that are easy to grow. Come see our selection.

With so much rain about, our gardens have never looked better. I can't believe how fast my hedges are growing. I'm pruning hedges today.
I'm also removing spent flower heads from my Agapanthus. You should too.

Happy gardening