Mystery Petunia Turns It On!!!! - Jan 12, 2024

Dear gardening friends
A beautiful Crepe Myrtle hanging over the footpath in Camden this morning. This variety is probably called "Biloxi".

It's one of 8 Crepe Myrtles that were released by Flemings nursery about 30 years ago. They were in The Indian Summer Range.

These Crepe Myrtles have bigger leaves than the original varieties and they have resistance to powdery mildew. They also flower for 100 days plus.

If you prune off the seeds, as soon as they finish flowering, they will often sprout fresh new growth and then flower miraculously again.

I've pruned my white flowering variety called "Natchez" at home, and it's sprouting new growth in just 10 days. When you get a wet summer these trees are truely spectacular.

We have a full range of colours coming for the weekend, if everything goes to plan. Hayden's found a new grower in Kempsey. He asked the guy to send us photos of his plants "Just close your eyes and imagine the best looking Crepe Myrtles you've ever seen" he replied. Hayden's not sure if he had a mobile phone. They move a little slower up there.

We do have some Crepe Myrtles in stock today. We have some of The Magical series that have just been released by Flemings nursery.
Let's hope they are as successful as the big 8 that have proven to be so hardy and so spectacular!!!!

Poor Bailey got stung by a bee yesterday, it was friendly fire. Dan and I were extracting the honey, from my father's bee hive. He's 92 now and he's just got too old to manage it.

Truth being this was my beehive.
Craig Mitchell and I were playing golf at Muirfields Golf Course and a swarm of bees flew down the fairway past us and they landed on the branch of a Bottlebrush.

As we played our balls and walked towards the swarm, which had now settled, Craig discussed with me how I wanted a beehive. He had one in his yard, he was going to James Ruse High and he'd learnt all about them.

We decided to catch the swarm, we didn't think too much about it. I had a jumper, so we tied knots in the arms and head, then opened it up wide and enclosed the swarm. We had shorts and shirts on. We didn't play golf nude.

We snapped off the branch and held the jumper tight, and continued to play golf. We took it in turns holding the bees. You could hear them buzzing.

My mum turned up to pick us up, we were kids, she had palpitations when we sat on the back seat holding the bees. The buzz got louder in the car and you could smell them.

When we got home Craig brought a bee box over to our place and we tipped the bees into the box.

This story is at least 45 years old.
These are the same bee family, that my father has. Isn't that amazing. We got 25 Jars of honey, my brother took most of it, his wife loves honey, more than a bear.

Bailey didn't help get the honey out.
He was just passing through.
Dan and I didn't get stung.
We are bee whisperers.

Look it would be easy to get cranky if you're a gardener, when these guys turn up. They are like a bikie gang. But they are loveable rascals.

Hayden decided that we were going to grow Sunflowers in our nursery garden this summer. He grew them from seeds using Tim's Best Potting mix. They grew almost over night.
We've never seen seeds sprout and grow so fast.

We transplanted them into the garden, the soil had been dug over and prepared using Tim's Best Cow manure and Chicken manure. The plants grew like triffids.

When they started to flower we thought they would follow the sun, but ours didn't. We decided they were recalcitrant.

They flowered and looked spectacular, I even took a big bunch home for Christmas. They looked fabulous.

But then the White Cockatoos discovered them. They must have been sick of eating hot chips in Queen street, with Chicken salt.

They went back to nature. They went through the patch methodically, they talked to each other while they did it. One kept watch, while the rest went to work. It was a family affair.

You can't get too cranky with these guys, yes I know some of you have stories, they ate your house. But they are just so beautiful, and they look at you with smiling faces. They talk to you too, they screech.

Then they love you and leave you. They pencil you into their calendar for next year. Same time, same place, but we'll bring more friends next year. We have a lot of nature in Australia.

Look you probably think I'm showing off because I've grown the most amazing Petunia plant. And yes I'm tracking down its name, because it's the first time I've grown it, and it's amazing.

This is only one plant and it wasn't cheap, it wasn't in a punnet or potted colour. It was in a 140mm pot and it was around $18.99.

I planted it in November because I had the entire family coming for Christmas. I planted it into this huge Terracotta pot. It holds at least 3 bags of Tim's Best Potting mix.

But every spring I just top the pot up with a fresh bag of Tim's Best Potting mix and I dress it with Tim's FAST FOOD. That's our famous fast release fertiliser. It's incredible, have you tried it?

Well the Petunia took off. It was like a rabbit being chased by my dog.
The rabbit's never in danger.
But wow, has this Petunia performed.
I'm giving it 10/10. The flowers are smaller but it gets smothered.
It's my favourite purple colour.

I can't believe I've chucked the label away. I've sent a photo to who I think grew it. I'll let you know. Isn't it a ripper.
Are you a little bit jealous?
P.S I may have had a stroke.
P.P.S It's Supertunia "Jazz Berry"

Happy gardening