The Fragrance Was Amazing! - Jan 05, 2024

Dear gardening friends
I walked past this garden yesterday and a lady was sitting in this chair. It was a hot day, but the chair was in the shade, it just look so peaceful. I smiled as I walked past.
But I didn't disturb her.

This morning my dog and I walked past again, and it was full of children. They were off on an adventure. There was a lot of talk from the groups leader. It made me smile again.

Backyards have always been playgrounds, but they are getting smaller and smaller. It was great to see kids outside. Isn't that funny.

A lot of new homeowners have gardens that are this size and smaller. They don't think they have room for messy trees that drop leaves. Everything has to be in order.

But this garden just felt so cool and shady. It made me want to look in and think about why I loved it so much.

The garden beds aren't uniform, trees have been planted and they are reaching for the sun. This keeps them skinny but they still offer shade.

There's a lot of old fashioned shrubs here, Hibiscus and Frangipanis, Camellias and Azaleas. Native plants like Banksias and Gymea Lilly's.
It doesn't look planned.

You can't see the houses next door.
It's a private oasis. It's green.
I think that's why I love it so much.
I'm wondering what I'll find in here tomorrow.

I'm falling in love with this plant.
It's called Philodendron Xanadu.
It's spectacularly amazing, and it seems to grow in full sun or part shade.

They planted them outside a block of units in Campbelltown, and I was thinking, they will never grow there, it's too hot and the winter frost will kill them. But they are still alive and thriving.

I think if you live in a frosty valley then this plant might not survive.
But it grows beautifully in a big pot using Tim's Best Potting mix and you can move it to a more protected spot in winter.

I love the beautiful green leaves, they are leathery and tough, and nothing seems to eat them. They go well with modern gardens, which seem to be devoid of flowers, is all about foliage.

Philodendron Xanadu grows about 1m high by 1m wide. Simply remove spent leaves, this shrub always looks great.

We have some at the nursery, it does come in a gold leaf form as well.
But the green is my favourite.
It will thrive in sun or shade.
It's one of those plants that just seems to grow anywhere and that's why it's spectacularly amazing!!!!!

This amazing garden in the photo has a secret. 90% of these plants are growing in pots! But you'd never know, unless you look into the foliage, I got a big surprise.

I'm not sure if this gardener is a renter. Lots of people do rent these days with the high cost of housing, and they don't usually garden that much because they might have to up and leave one day.

This garden could be loaded onto a truck and the garden could be reconstructed somewhere else. It's like Lego.

The pots have been beautifully arranged, so each plant camouflages the pots around it.

A gardener has arranged these plants, not everyone can do this. But it's a bit like a School photo. Little kids at the front. Bigger kids in the middle, giants (the trees) up the back.

When you arrange plants in pots like this, they grow better. Each plant helps shade the pots next door, so the water in the pots stays wetter longer. They will survive longer without a drink, they grow greener, they are more disease and insect resistant.

Most homeowners put pots singularly.
One in this corner, and one in that corner. The plants are so exposed, they dry out and drop dead. Isn't that interesting.

You can learn a lot about gardening by looking at other peoples gardens. You can tell who has green thumbs. Some people have green legs and toes too. They could be frogs.

I've found the most beautiful spot to stop and read my book. It's under a Frangipani tree, and the fragrance is intoxicating.

As I sit here, flowers are falling around me. I find myself staring at them, they are just so beautiful. They are even beautiful when they are resting on the ground.

I grew this Frangipani from a cutting. It's the original variety that has the most amazing fragrance. I've taken so many photos of these flowers. I think I might be obsessed.

I've underpruned this tree so I can sit under it. Before this tree grew, my garden was too hot to enjoy.

Shade takes time to grow, but once you've got it, you suddenly find yourself sitting outside. It's like an extra room in your house.
It's an escape.

I took a cutting from my tree and planted it in a garden just down the street. That tree has grown almost 3 metres high. I smile every time I walk past it.

The owners of the garden just adopted it. They could see that their garden needed a tree. I bet they are enjoying the fragrant flowers too.

Do you own a Frangipani?
We have almost 40 varieties at our nursery today.
We have some of the rarest colours in the world.
They can be grown in pots using Tim's Best Potting mix. We have plants from $29.99.

Happy gardening