Monkeys Tail Cactus Are Back!!!!! - Dec 23, 2023

Dear gardening friends

Here's a nice surprise!!!!
Monkey's Tail Cactus have turned up just in time for Christmas. These are non prickly cactus that grow beautifully in hanging baskets, out in the sun. They are so spectacular when they spill over the sides, and get covered in flowers. They look like giant Octopus eventually. Use Tim's Best Potting Mix. Yes!
They are easy peasy to grow.
Plants cost $19.99.
These are collector plants.
Zoom zoom.

Have you seen these Grafted Gums flowering in River road Elderslie? They are covered in Orange flowers leading up to Christmas every year. They are so spectacular.

This Orange flowering variety is the most sought after because it only grows 4ms x 4ms. It's the perfect size for today's courtyard sized gardens.

We have Orange, Red and Pink forms here today for $74.99. These are grafted, so they usually flower straight away. We have some here now covered in big buds. They make great Christmas Gifts.

Just a warning: they do need daily watering, and they will need to be planted in the ground ASAP. If you leave them in these pots, they will dry out and all the leaves fall off. They could die.

They need lots of love for the first month or two. If you're going away, get one after Christmas.
We will water it for you.

To have great success, dig a bag of Native Potting mix into the ground, where you're going to plant it. Mulch around the base with Woodchip. Water daily. They grow fast, they are spectacular and the birds love the nectar filled flowers.

A Crepe Myrtle in Ingleburn offering shade from the recent heat. If you look at the pavement, you can see the solid shadow it creates. This cools the air and provides refuge for shoppers and nature.

This is the best way to prune a street tree. The lower branches have been removed to expose the beautiful trunk.

This Indian Summer Crepe Myrtle is probably a variety called "Tonto". It's a reddy pink colour and goes nicely with the Money lent sign.
The pedestrian crossing is a bit Abbey road.

Ingleburn has had a street scape renovation recently and I'm happy to say that the native trees are growing beautifully.

Hopefully Queen Street will get a revamp next year. Trees make such a big difference to a shopping precinct. They make shoppers feel good, so they stay longer.

With rain falling it's a great day to plant a tree. We have your favourite Crepe Myrtles. We have "Tonto" too.

OMG get me a ladder. I've just driven past this Mango tree in Minto. It's absolutely covered in Mangos. They will be ripe after Christmas.
I know a lot of you eat them green too.

Mango trees thrive in Macarthur if you're not in a cold valley, and they don't grow into big trees, like they do in Queensland. This tree is over 20 years old and it's 4ms x 4ms.

Macarthur's getting so warm you can grow all sorts of tropical fruit trees here now. We've got beautiful Mango trees for just $75.00. They are huge, and they should be fruiting, this time next year. They make fabulous Christmas Gifts.

To get your Mango tree to thrive, plant it on a mound of Tim's Best Potting Mix. This gives them drainage, which they must have, but it also fertilises gently so they take off!!!!!!
Water daily for the first month.

They could be grown in a big big pot too. Use our Tim's Best Potting mix. If you get too many Mangoes in years to come, just remember whose idea it was please. We could share a Mango. I bags the seed.

We have the sweetest variety here.
It's sold under two different names.
Bowen Mango and Kensington Pride.
Yes it's a bit of a trick.
Zoom zoom Mango lovers!!!

Don't forget we are the easiest place to do all your Christmas Shopping. You can park in our car park. It's free. You won't have to walk for miles. You'll have no trouble finding your car.
Come see us.

We have $50.00 Christmas Gift Cards for $40.00.
These are incredibly popular with our gardeners.
Some of you spoil yourself. Why not!!!!!
They can't be redeemed until after Christmas.

Christmas shopping is hassle free at our nursery.
You can park right out the front. We pot up plants for you, when you buy an indoor plant, and a ceramic pot. (There are size limitations).
Then we gift wrap it for you.

We are closed Christmas Day and Boxing Day.
We are closed New Years Day too. Yes we like a drink. Ask staff about our Xmas Party.
Hayden has a story or two.

Please enjoy your Christmas. Be kind to everyone. If you don't have family, make friends with neighbours. Don't get too stressed.

Thank you for your love, this year. So many people tell me they love our newsletter.
That makes me smile. I like making you smile too.

Happy gardening