Bin Man Back In The Good Books? - Dec 17, 2023

Dear gardening friends

We still have magnificent potted Hydrangeas for Christmas. Usually, they have all finished flowering by now, but we've got this new variety called "Magical Revolution". It's supposed to flower for 150 days!!!!

It comes in pink or blue and they are both covered in buds and flowers. They are cheaper than a bunch of flowers at $43.99. We will gift wrap for free. They will look great on the Christmas dining table.

As the flowers age they turn burgundy, and stay on the plant right through summer. Hydrangeas can be grown in big pots or gardens. They like morning sun then shade.

They are super tough once established. They do love water. We have about 50. They will walk out in the next few days so you better zoom zoom.

Don't forget we are the easiest place to do all your Christmas Shopping. You can park in our car park. It's free. You won't have to walk for miles. You'll have no trouble finding your car.
Come see us.

We have $50.00 Christmas Gift Cards for $40.00.
These are incredibly popular with our gardeners.
Some of you spoil yourself. Why not!!!!!
They can't be redeemed until after Christmas.

Christmas shopping is hassle free at our nursery.
You can park right out the front. We pot up plants for you, when you buy an indoor plant, and a ceramic pot. (There are size limitations).
Then we gift wrap it for you.
Its easy!

In business sometimes you do things for love. Greg gets a Chocolate Thick shake every Tuesdays and Friday at King Of The Pack in Queen street.

We struck up a conversation recently. Greg wanted me to get him a Rose bush that was close to his heart, it was his wife's favourite when she was alive, he wanted another one as a gift. We got the Rose for him.
He was happy.

But he had a Frangipani that needed repotting, Greg thought I'd like a cutting, would I come up to his place and repot it?

I've just been, he rang me up this morning to remind me. I called in, he was waiting out the front. "Gday mate" was his welcoming.

The Frangipani was growing in a pot with dirt. I took it out and cut the sides off with a saw, then put it back in the same pot using Tim's Best Potting mix.

Greg invited me around the back for a Vietnamese Coffee. "What's that?" I asked. He's got these packets of coffee with dried milk and lots of sugar. My first sip was a bit frightening.

He sat me down under a carport.
"This used to be my Pigeon cage, I had 200 Pigeons in here, I had another cage over there."

I'm looking around his garden, I can see a Choko vine taking over the back fence. He's got Rhubarb growing, that he gives away to the girls at bowls, he tells me.

He bought the land for $5,000 and built the house for another $10,000. He took 7 years to build the extension. He got mates to do the work, and he did the labouring.

He worked for Davis Homes for 20 years until they went broke. "They were before Masterton Homes he tells me, they were big."

As I'm sitting there we find more Frangipanis that need repotting. Each plant has a story, they have come from towns and places he and his wife visited, when they went caravanning.

He dances in his chair while he talks to me, he's got Parkinson's disease he tells me, "I've had it for 20 years."

We leave as friends, How much do I owe you? He asks. "You owe me a Chocolate Thick shake". I reply.

Frangipani Tequila Sunrise has these amazing perfumed flowers. It's beautiful. Grow it in a big pot or grow it in your garden. We have over 30 varieties of Frangipanis in the nursery today. Priced from $29.99.

They make amazing Christmas Gifts.
We will gift wrap them for you.

If you're growing Frangipanis in pots, use our famous Tim's Best Potting Mix. It's 100% better than the next best potting mix. You will be amazed by the results.

Frangipanis love the sun. They love this hot weather, it makes them grow and flower.
Come see our collection.

Ceramic Pigs have finally arrived. We've been waiting for this delivery since last year. There was a strike at the wharf and they ended up in New Zealand!!!! They were lucky they didn't get eaten.

Our Pigs will look great in your garden. They make great Christmas Gifts too. We have them in boxes. Pigs cost $52.00.

Look I'm not going to lie. I'm so cranky. Ive chucked a massive tantrum. I drove down my street yesterday arvo to discover my bins hadn't been emptied.

Everyone else's bin had been emptied, because they are back inside. Perhaps I didn't recycle properly. I know I can do better. I could wash the glass jars. I know one of them still had pickles.

I was telling Dan that the Garbage man didn't empty our bin. "Bin days tomorrow Dad" he replied.

Is it?

Oh yes, so it is. God I might have had a stroke. Sorry Bin Man. You're amazing. I love you!

Happy gardening