You Will Love The Fragrance! - Dec 01, 2023

Dear Gardening friends
Fresh Cut Christmas trees are coming to Tim's Garden Centre this weekend. We've been doing it for so long, it's become a tradition.

Everyone grabs a tree, and then spins it around. The tree gets judged by other family members. Too skinny, it's got a bit missing, not big enough, where will we put the star?

The tree gets taken or abandoned, I smile because two seconds later someone else takes that tree. The Trees pick you.

Some people take forever to pick a tree, they'll have every family member holding one, they will be looking at other peoples trees with envy, they want the perfect tree.

Then a guy will come in alone and take the first tree he trips over. He doesn't even dance with it. It's sold. I laugh out loud sometimes and say no way, you've got to pick up 20 first mate.

We have 125 Fresh Cut trees coming Saturday. They will all be gone by lunchtime. The biggest ones always sell out first. Sizes vary.
One tree will talk to you, you'll have to listen carefully to hear it.

Trees cost $89.95.
We have Christmas tree stands too.
Treat them like a bunch of flowers and they will look great for Christmas.

Be kind to everyone. If you don't find the perfect tree, come back on Sunday. We will do it all again.
We open at 8.30 on Saturday and 9am Sunday.

Every year Hayden grows Snail Vines for us. This amazing climbing plant produces these spectacular snail like flowers, that have amazing sweet perfume!!!!!

It's a collector plant, and gardeners drive from all over Sydney to buy one.

Hayden grows them, because we can't buy them. It's one of those forgotten plants, that you'd find in nurseries 20 years ago, but those nurseries are all gone.

It's super fast growing and it flowers in the first season. You can grow it in a big pot using Tim's Best Potting Mix. Put 3 sticks in the pot to make a teepee. Prune your Snail Vine to shape. Enjoy the fragrant flowers.
It likes the sun.

You could grow it on your fence too.
It grows so fast, don't stand there and watch it, you'll get caught in its web of foliage, like a fly!

These plants should sell for $20.00.
They are a Collectors plant. But Hayden is so kind we sell them for $10.00. Yes, that's crazy.
Of course we will sell out fast, so you better zoom zoom!!!!

These Snail vines move deceptively quick. No don't ring us, come and get it. Buy one for a friend too. It's a cheap Christmas Gift!!!!

Attention Mint Lovers.
I cut my Mint off at ground level about 4 weeks ago, then topdressed the pot with Tim's Best Potting Mix.

It's been a revelation. I've just picked a huge bunch of Mint to put in my Spaghetti sauce. It's going to smell like Toothpaste.

Mint takes over in the garden, so it's best grown in a big, big pot. The more you eat, the bushier it grows. The fertiliser in Tim's Best Potting mix makes it grow so lush and green.

You can use Mint in salads, soups and casseroles. Some people even use it to make Mint sauce. Help me. I'm just chewing it here to make my breath smell nice, just shut up and kiss me.

Wow it's great to see Camden Council planting trees. I've just driven around the Camden Hospital precinct, and there are trees getting planted in almost every street.

They have been thoughtfully chosen to match existing street trees, where possible. Two Pin Oaks planted here will mean an avenue of Oak trees in the future. It's going to look spectacular.

They are all getting planted so professionally with extra soil being brought in, with mulch and stakes, to help them survive in the short term.

Trees are always controversial, people say they love trees, and they often buy a house in a suburb full of trees, but then they quickly chop a few down when the leaves blow on the concrete driveway.

But it's the trees that make Camden so beautiful. It's the trees that make house prices in this leafy suburb higher. It's a lovely place to live. There will be less mental health problems here.

You very rarely see any vandalism or tagging. It's been proven that suburbs with trees have less vandalism. Isn't that interesting?

Camden Council are also planting Crepe Myrtles, Illawarra Flame trees, Gordonia's to name but a few. It's great when Councils go back into these older suburbs and replace the trees that have mysteriously disappeared over time.

There's a lot more work to do, but I can feel a change coming. We live in a hot place, so we need more street trees to cool the air.

Wouldn't it be lovely to see locals adopt their new trees and keep them watered. It's going to be a big job, so Council will need our help to get them established. This week's rain will help get them started.

We have $50.00 Christmas Gift Cards for $40.00.
These are incredibly popular with our gardeners.
Some of you spoil yourself. Why not!!!!!
They can't be redeemed until after Christmas.

Happy gardening