Fresh Cut Christmas Trees Are Coming - Nov 24, 2023

Dear gardening friends
Every year Hayden grows Snail Vines for us. This amazing climbing plant produces these spectacular snail like flowers, that have amazing sweet perfume!!!!!

It's a collector plant, and gardeners drive from all over Sydney to buy one.

Hayden grows them because we can't buy them. It's one of those forgotten plants, that you'd find in nurseries 20 years ago, but those nurseries are all gone.

It's super fast growing and it flowers in the first season. You can grow it in a big pot using Tim's Best Potting Mix. Put 3 sticks in the pot to make a teepee. Prune your Snail Vine to shape. Enjoy the fragrant flowers.
It likes the sun.

You could grow it on your fence too.
It grows so fast, don't stand there and watch it, you'll get caught in its web of foliage, like a fly!

These plants should sell for $20.00.
They are a Collectors plant. But Hayden is so kind we sell them for $10.00. Yes, that's crazy.
Of course we will sell out fast so you better zoom zoom!!!!

These Snail vines move deceptively quick. No don't ring us, come and get it. Buy one for a friend too. It's a cheap Christmas Gift!!!!

I took two of these home yesterday, to plant in my garden. It's a new Crepe Myrtle called "Ruffled Red Magic". It's incredible!!!!!

I absolutely love the foliage colour. The new spring growth is so red and delicious. The flowers will soon follow, and they are "bright red" too!!

It's been almost impossible to find a red Crepe Myrtle that grows into a tree. This beauty grows 4 metres high by 2.5ms wide. It flowers from summer into autumn. That's around 100 days.

We have a new range of these Magic Crepe Myrtles, there's Purple, Red and Plum here now. Come check them out. Plants cost $39.99.
They grow super fast.

We expect all these plants to flower this summer. Crepe Myrtles laugh at these dry conditions, once established. They are incredibly hardy small trees, or large shrubs. They can be pruned at any height.

A lady sent me a lovely message to say how thankful she was, since she's started using Tim's Best Potting mix. She was given a Peace Lilly when her husband died 5 years ago, and it had never flowered since.

She repotted it recently, and now it covered in flowers!!!!!

I repotted my Peace Lilly at the start of spring, and mine's covered in flowers too.

The secret is Tim's Best Potting mix. It's worth the drive. Buy your plants a Christmas present. $13.99 or 2 for $26.00. It's a 30 litre bag.
Can you give Potting Mix as a Christmas present?

NSW Christmas Bush has arrived. We have a new variety called "Red, Red, Red". Yes it has the reddest bell like flowers and it has beautiful foliage too. Milko had one of these growing in his garden at Minto and he thinks it's the best variety by a long way.

We've got advanced, big plants, covered in flowers now for just $36.99. They make fabulous inexpensive floral Christmas Gifts. We will wrap them for you for free.

If you're going to plant one in your garden take a bag of Native Potting mix too. Dig this into your soil then plant your NSW Christmas bush in this mound of soil. Water daily for a few weeks, until it gets established.

If you're keeping it in the pot, water it every day. Don't use Tim's Best Potting Mix for this one, use Native potting mix.

A big thanks to Stuart and his wife for buying our White Jacaranda tree on eBay for $330.00. They picked it up on Tuesday.

Stuart's wife was too shy to get photographed,
Stuart showed me photos of their garden in Springwood, and they have the perfect spot for this beautiful rare tree.

All money raised was donated to beyondblue this week. We sold another grafted White Jacaranda tree last year to raise money for beyondblue. It's such a nice way of helping people with mental health. We all struggle at times.

I've grafted another batch of White Jacaranda trees this week, and so far they are looking like they might take.

The reason they are so rare, is they are so hard to grow. Hopefully over time, we will master the technique, and have more success. If we get enough to sell, I'll let you know.

Fresh Cut Christmas Trees are available from Saturday the 2nd of December here at Tim's Garden Centre. We will have hundreds to choose each weekend leading up to Christmas. But don't leave it to the end, because sometimes our supplier runs out. Trees cost $88.95.

They make your house smell like Christmas.
We have Christmas Tree stands too.
More info next week.

We have $50.00 Christmas Gift Cards for $40.00.
These are incredibly popular with our gardeners.
Some of you spoil yourself. Why not!!!!!
They can't be redeemed until after Christmas.

Happy gardening